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by on February 7, 2012

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Consumer Bits on Brusimm 200w logo, [Consumer News, advice and reviews]This is a consumer product review of Silk‘s newest product, their Fruit & Protein drink.  If you can call massive ingestion of a yummy product a product review.

My wife is a vegetarian and I’m a part-time vegetarian, if you count that 60% of my plate is usually fruits and veggies.  OK, all joking aside, there’s no such thing as a part-time vegetarian.  But since my wife is a vegetarian, she uses different vegetarian products, she has taken strongly to the Silk Brand Soy Dark Chocolate Milk.

I’ve tried it but there’s something about it that doesn’t like me and I have an odd allergy-like reaction to it.  But the other day, I descried on the refrigerated shelf in Safeway, a product from Silk that I’ve never seen before.  “Silk Fruit & Protein.”

Silk Fruit and Protein product reviewAnd yes, it’s a product derived from Soy.

I have quite the sweet tooth and absolutely love fruit smoothies like what comes from Jamba Juice… or if you have the gear, time and money, you can make your own fruit smoothies.

But when I got the Silk Fruit & Protein drink home, my wife and I had real problems.  The problem being I tested this fruit drink before finishing our unpacking our groceries.  She had to take the Silk product away from me before I drank the entire thing and then I had to finish unpacking groceries.

The groceries got unpacked in record time somehow, but I had found my new-found yummy drink had been hidden and I was banished to the living room to watch the most-watched sporting event on TV ever, the Super Bowl.  Gads, I have a mean wife!  (LOL)

But I just had to write this up.

I snagged the Mixed Berry version of the Silk Fruit & Protein and it was just as good as anything I’ve ever bought from Jamba Juice.  (Remember, I have a sweet tooth!)

But here’s the deal:  At Jamba Juice, you might buy a single order for a few, like $5, but this was only around $3.  And you have several servings.  (If you, um, don’t go hog-wild about it.)

Soy Fruit and Protein Mixed BerryThere are 4 servings per container in the Mixed Berry product, with 150 calories each, 15 of those calories coming from fat.  You get 10% (29g) of your daily recommended carbs and 100% of your recommended vitamin C.  You get 5g (10%) of your recommended daily protein intake, all based off of a 2,000 calorie daily diet.

If you have a sweet tooth, love smoothies and love quickie breakfast drinks that aren’t junk, this IS the new consumable for you!  Seriously.  I intend to testing the other two flavors soon.  (Probably before the end of the day, but my wife might knock some sense into me.  Plus it does not good to be waddling around work after lunch!)

If you’ve tried this, chime in and let us know what you thought, because I was so vague about my opinion on the product!

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