SiriusXM, Help Me Help You! My Failed Attempt To Give Them More Money

by on June 14, 2012

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Consumer Bits on Brusimm 200w logo, [Consumer News, advice and reviews]I just tried to head on over to SiriusXM and add Internet Radio access to my account, but what a huge failure and pain in the ass it was. Today, is not my day to add the feature I guess.

I logged in SiriusXM (I thought) and was presented with all kinds of options.

SiriusXM satellite radio logoFirst thing I noticed was that the old email address was an AOL account. Gads. I still have that account, but I don’t log in but once in a blue moon. (It has over 300 emails in the inbox… and I don’t get email there!*) But when I went to change my email address, they have a hard limit to the number of characters I can put in there and I could not put in the email address I wanted to. Seriously, in this day and age?

Once I resolved that I would have to use another, shorter email address, it was accepted. (The fist one was not that long actually).

But when I hit the button to change my settings, the site logged me out, saying I had asked to be logged out.


So then I went back in. Remember, I’m trying to add radio to my account.

But when I go to add it, it brings up a pop-up that asks me to sign in. I TRY to sign in, but it does not recognize my login that I just used.

Plus, doing this, logged me out again. It’s like every time I fart, I’m getting logged out. Grr.

I tried to log into the “Manage Your Account” page. It brings up a page where I could change my email address, and a sub-section for managing my account. But all that does is refresh the window and it’s asking me to login.

Great… so now I go to find out what’s up, but they want a radio ESN or SID… Um, not in the house gang. SO that’s not happening today.

You know what SiriusXM, I don’t have time right now to add a new service so I can pay you more per month. I’ll have to come back later when I’m not so busy because I’ve already blown enough time on this fail of a mission today!

That’s what I call a bummer of a consumer experience.

(*Ever have one of those friends who do nothing but forward things to you? Yep, I have a few of them. In the last six weeks, they’ve accounted for 400 (on top of the 300 emails I already had in my basic inbox) forwards from them. Wow!)

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Bruce Simmons June 18, 2012 at 7:41 pm

Ah John, good ideas, but I had tried a few tricks including using a different browser with the same effects! Alas, it might have something to do with my account too. (A suspicion I have since I had not logged into it for a few years. We’ll see!)

John Habernathy June 18, 2012 at 3:54 pm

You were causing your own problems. When you tried to log back in, your cache had kept all of the previous information and that was why you could not get back in. Clear your cache or restart your computer and everything will probably work fine. Some site just do that,,,,

Paul forcey June 15, 2012 at 7:50 am

I just do not get why so many companies ask for a social security number. I actually refuse and tell my wife to do the same, I mean why does my dentist who i pay there on the spot need my ssn number?

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