Six Ways To Improve Syfy’s Defiance

by on May 6, 2013

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Defiance cast ensembleSo you have seen the 2-hour television series premiere of the transmedia project from Syfy, called Defiance. As you saw, there’s a breadth of material and characters they had to introduce. The stories had to be introduced.

And coming from Farscape’s creator, Rockne S. O’Bannon, you can see his signature style all over the scenario. With O’Bannon contributing to the scripts of the first season, I think more parallels will be noted by Farscape fans.

And if I might predict, it will be a series with a subdued tone & rich character backgrounds that will pull fans right into the world of Defiance. That is, if there’s enough action to keep viewers hooked. (I mean the general viewers who might be slowly converted to the series and the work of O’Bannon.)

And from what I’ve seen on the “street,” many weren’t horrified by the premiere, but rather, they seem to also see its potential. And that’s a good start, despite the obvious on how it set some new TV ratings records for Syfy.

In recent episodes, we saw what is really left of St. Louis and after that, we learn a little bit more about Irisa’s past or potential. Both, good episodes that start to explore the characters we’re about to become more familiar with this season.

But Can Defiance Be Improved Upon?

There are some small or subtle issues with the series and I thought I’d share what I think could have helped with the premiere.


The mythology of how Earth got the way it is, is in all the press releases and coverage.

But I still think they should have touched on this important past during the pilot episode in greater detail. At least the general TV fan would be apprised of why things are like they are. I’d like to see more details presented in upcoming episodes, or in one solid flashback episode.


Some scenes, to the general TV viewer, don’t appear to mesh with the quality of the rest of the show. These scenes seem to come straight from the game.

That’s awesome, to see the game is actually integrated into the show, for the gamers watching. But I think those moments or scenes need to be polished up for the TV presentation.


We were introduced to many characters in these first two hours.

Could there have been fewer introductions, with deeper character explorations of who we do meet? Or was this absolutely necessary to have us meet many of the players up front?

I know in time, we are meeting more characters and their detailed backgrounds, making the character tapestry that much more rich for the viewers.


They’ve created their own setting, here on Earth, after terraform technology crashed to Earth and had its uncontrolled way with it.

And yet I’m still seeing many online comparisons to Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and other past TV series.

Defiance needs to distinguish itself. Right now, they have their own word for s!it. And other languages have been developed for the series. But they need to keep focusing on what makes this unique so they can split form these comparisons critics are leaning towards.


Reports are that the game is just another MMO shooter, with little distinguishing it from the rest of the field.

That, despite events in the game impacting the show.

Did you know that game play today is potentially impacting events of season two?

Though its tough to write a series and have it coexist with a game, they should try to leave gaps in the story that game play from RIGHT NOW, can be injected. And let the viewers know that.

Obviously, any reference to the Bay Area will be clues to the gamers watching the show because the game takes place in the San Francisco area.


With all the potential that there was… the Defiance game should have been offered for much less on the market to attract more players.

– – –

But these are all minor nits but rather little things that can help the show in subtle ways.

We’ll see how the series pans out as time tells, and what they really do have in store for the franchise.

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