SKINWALKERS Aired on Syfy – A Quick Review

by on May 2, 2010

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Skinwalkers Spoiler Free Review: The short of it: Skinwalkers engaged me sufficiently to keep hanging on until the end. The special effects weren’t bad and thought it wasn’t too original, the cast made it interesting.

Skinwalkers starring Jason Behr

Jason Behr

SkinWalkers stars Jason Behr ( Roswell), Elias Koteas (Shutter Island, The Fourth Kind, Defendor), Rhona Mitra (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans), Kim Coates (Resident Evil: Afterlife,TV: Sons of Anarchy ) & Shawn Roberts (Resident Evil: Afterlife).

It was directed by Jim Isaac (Jason X.) and written by James DeMonaco (Assault on Precinct 13), Todd Harthan (TV Series Crash)& James Roday (TV Series Psych).

Skinwalkers is a tale of two factions of werewolves. The two factions have different goals, one a bit darker than the other one.

Skinwalkers Elias Koteas and Rhona Mitra

Elias Koteas and Rhona Mitra in Skinwalkers

Skinwalkers opens with a man running for his life through the woods, where bodies are hanging from trees. That sets the pace! The plot moves forward a bit, then deftly explains the history what we’re seeing and why it’s happening. We then charge ahead with the present plot.

Skinwalkers creature effects by Stan Winston

They tried to give werewolves a new, sleeker look. It was different, but not bad. Which makes sense. Stan Winston did the creature effects. The plot is digestible and as a TV movie, it was an entertaining Saturday night spent watching the Syfy Channel!

When I first reported on Skinwalkers as the upcoming movie on Syfy, I was looking at the IMDb average film rating and did not consider the possible mindset of the reviewers. Hence, I had an off-handed warning of sorts.

Skinwalkers Kim Coates

Kim Coates in Skinwalkers

As it winds down, we have an ending that implies an epic plot future and possible sequels if the movie ever caught on. It could have seen a few sequels, but vampires were more the rage and the plot just didn’t connect with the masses. It brought in just over $1 million at the Box Office. It opened, then had a 85% drop off after the 1st dismal week.

From a theater going mindset, I can understand the under 5 average rating over on IMDb. I would have agreed with the “5” rating if I had dropped some bucks on it at the theater. As a Saturday night TV movie on Syfy, it had legs.

I’d give it a 6, maybe even a 7. It was fun, engaging, entertaining. 6 is just above boring. I don’t want to imply too much but with the disclaimer of it being a Syfy Saturday night movie, I’ll give it a 7. What the heck!

Skinwalkers on Syfy review

Would I buy it? No. But if you’re a fan of any of the stars in Skinwalkers, I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks went out to add it to their DVD collection.

[Box Office numbers: By The Numbers]

Skinwalkers on DVD

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