Smallville Episode ‘Warrior’ – A Retrospect and Serinda Swan stuff

by on February 13, 2010

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Friday night’s episode of Smallville, titled ‘Warrior’, had some scenes that took place in a comic book convention and I thought I’d toss out some observations I picked up on in the episode.

Did you notice in the opening credits for the Co-Executive Producer & Director?  Tom Welling was the co-exec and Allison Mack directed the episode.  It’s great to see the actors getting time behind the camera.

I like the nod to the Comic-Con crowds and the many references that the show took jabs at.

Chloe’s text message from Oliver about the “Maniac with booomerangs.”  Was that a Captain Boomerang reference?

The obvious nods were seeing C-3PO, Storm Troopers, a few Green Arrows and / or Robin Hoods.

I got a kick out of Clark bumping into some Red – Blue Blur fans in the ‘Con.

Lois Lane as Wonder Woman in Smallville

Though legally, the show is restricted in having Wonder Woman to the set, they sure skirted on some fine lines with Lois (Erica Durance) wearing her Zena outfit.  And yes, it could have been construed as a Zena nod, but Lois’s Amazonian reference about her costume, you knew where they were headed.

I keep hearing the reference, Super Friends being tossed around…  in this episode and the previous “movie” they aired last week.

Later on, at the end of the episode, I almost felt like I was looking at what looked like a WonderMan emblem on Alec’s tee-shirt.

It also looked like we had one of those, not flying jumps where Clark saved Chloe from falling to her demise.

Finally, Chloe and Oliver are staring to warm up…  been waiting for this for the whole season!

Awesome DC Character Slide In:

Now we know that other DC characters are restricted from being brought onto the show, but if you were looking very carefully, there was a Batman & Cat Woman poster on a wall in the background.  SWEET sneak-in gang!


Serinda Swan

I enjoy the episodes that Zatanna (Serinda Swan) shows up in.  I’d love to see more of her in the show.  But in the meantime, here’s a bit more for you guys:

Serinda Swan potrays Zatana in SMALLVILLE

Yea…  I’d love to see more of Zatanna, for sure.

Her career is short up until now, but she’s definitely getting some projects under her belt:  On TV she’s had one-up’s in Psych, Reaper and the TV movie Trust.  On the silver screen, The Break Up Artist, the recently released Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, as Aphrodite and in the upcoming Tron Legacy project.

In retrospect, the Smallville episode titled Warrior wasn’t too bad at all.  I was pretty busy looking for various DC Universe character references and I wasn’t disappointed.

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