‘Smallville’ Mid-Season Return episode “Collateral”

by on February 4, 2011

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Smallville Episode Observations (no spoilers)

Clark is powerless, Oliver is shell shocked and Black Canary, is also powerless.  This is how the episode called “Collateral” started out on the mid-season return premiere of Smallville.

Chloe shows up and tells Oliver that the team are all trapped in a virtual reality, hence, the lack of powers.

It’s very Matrix-like and Chloe was chock-a-block full of bad catch-phrases!

As the episode developed, it’s a total surprise who is behind the Suicide Squad and rescuing the trapped heroes becomes a great little piece of action as the Green Arrow and Black Canary team up with the Suicide Squad to kick some VRA butt…  good action.

The mid-season wait for Smallville was long but worth it!

Oh, and here are some promo preview images from upcoming stills of Smallville, including a promo pic of Clark in his new “red blur” look:

Tom Welling as Clark Kent in SMALLVILLE, in


Steve Byers as Desaad in SMALLVILLE, in

Smallville stars Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Allison Mack (sort of part-time), Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freemen in the tale of the younger years of Clark as he develops into the legend we all know, called Superman.

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