‘Smallville’ Note on Lex Luthor’s Clone, Alexander [SPOILER]

by on February 20, 2011

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Smallville season 10 promo image - Clark shadow with the Superman capeSmallville is doing what it can to go out with a bang in its final season.  We have Booster Gold & Blue Beetle showing in a Geoff Johns written episode on April 22nd, coming up and a few other neat things.  As noted in the title, we’ve got a bit of info on just why Tess Mercer couldn’t stick the Lex Clone, Alexander (Lucas Gabreel) with that needle!

For one thing, the clone’s journey is being manipulated from an outside source, and that all this will be revealed in the March 4th episode titled “Scion.”

The big ID though, is that

Alexander is actually

[spoiler] Conner Kent, aka, Superboy.[/spoiler]

Is that nuts or cool? I think it’s cool.

As far as I can tell, Smallville, starring Tom Welling, is going to be a series remembered when they are done with us.

[TV Line]

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