Smallville Season 10 Premiere Recap and Review

by on September 24, 2010

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Smallville Superman Suit

The 10th season premiere of Smallville opens with Clark falling off the building after banishing Zod, with the blue kryptonite knife sticking out of his chest. Clark (Tom Welling) hits the ground unconscious and while Lois is crying over him, he wakes up in a green field… in memory lane and then he finds himself talking to his dad, Jor-El. He then see’s an outline of what looks like Lex, then he wakes up after Lois (Erica Durance) pulls the knife out of his chest. When Clark comes to, Lois runs off and hides… not wanting him to know she knows his secret. What? A double-ended set of secrets?

Chloe (Allison Mack) is dealing with the disappearance of Oliver (Justin Hartley) when Clark shows up, but in a spate of illogical writing, Chloe says nothing about Oliver disappearing. Then later, in the usual, non-communicative mode she’s been in over the last season, she finds herself Dr. Doom’s helmet and dons it. (I know she’s not going to be on the show full time and I’m glad for it… I’m tired of the secretive mode she’s been in.)

Oliver is being beaten for information by a new bad guy. Anyone catch his name yet? I didn’t.

Tess (Cassidy Freeman) wakes up in a place called Cadmus Labs… that’s not good. And it looks like, if I’m not mistaken, a number of failed clone attempts of Lex. (They’re hinting hard at a Lex return… ) She finds a young, red-headed Alexander. (For those who don’t know, Lex is a red-head. In the older franchise mythos, Lex lost his hair from handling too much kryptonite.)

Cadmus Labs is a weird and wacky place with all kinds of different Lex clones. This, is how they’re bringing “Lex” back, by using a clone, because they couldn’t get Michael Rosenbaum back, is my guess. An evil Lex… (OK, is that a double-innuendo?), breaks out and kills all the other clones.

SMALLVILLE - Erica Durance as Lois Lane

Lex Clone ties Lois to the cross where he and Clark first met and forces Clark to have to choose between saving her or citizens in Metropolis…. he manages to do both, but Jor-El swoops Clark back to the fortress and they don’t have a good conversation and Jor-El is disappointed in Clarks pride and vanity. The fortress goes dark and after Jor-El said that, I swear I could see the potential in Clark’s face to cross a threshold where he could be a risk to humanity.

Oliver’s captor lets him go in a prisoner exchange that somehow involves Chloe as being the other prisoner. That came out of the cold and I’m not sure how this became arranged or why?

John Schneider in Smallville

In the end, Clark has a conversation with his Earth father, Jonathan Kent (John Schneider). It was awesome to see him once again. I wish they could bring him back, even if it’s in ghost form… sort of like Due South and Benton’s dad.

Something dark is coming and we saw a glimpse of that dark, as in Darkseid. The fact that we know Darkseid is coming, it makes perfect sense that Cadmus Labs was introduced to us… if they continue to pursue the line of the comic franchise with Camdus Labs.

Oh, and we got to at least see “the suit” on a few occasions throughout the season premiere of Smallville. In technicolor, as Lois put it when she discovered it.


Thoughts on the Season Premiere of Smallville:

This being the tenth and final season of Smallville, they set many clues in motion that will dictate the path of the characters in this season.

This was a better season kick-off than most as it kept up the pace of last season’s season finale. I know they’re going to be pulling out the stops to make this season count and be something to stay with us in memory. I’m sure they won’t hit gold every episode, but I can hope because this season premiere showed me some interesting aspects. Just don’t be looking for Chloe any time soon. Allison Mack has moved on.

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EMMA NUTTING August 6, 2012 at 9:06 am

Did you know that superman is in the history books he was created to help protect the women while the men were off to war. the character chloe was his real love because she died in the show and humans only die once and she can be with him forever. lois is the first women to take a job publickly while chloe was the one behind the scenes check it out

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