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No spoilers in this front section of my Smallville recap and review:


It is here.  The moment we’ve all been looking forward to and dreading, all at once.  Through the highs and some of the lows, this is what it comes down to, the series finale of Smallville on The CW.  The episode much heralded by many websites throughout the last few months.

This final episode of Smallville was 90% pretty damn good.  The story took care of many of the open stories and we got to see many past characters/actors.  We didn’t see Pete, (Sam Jones III) because [“In October 2009, he was arrested by the DEA on charges of drug trafficking, with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute.“  TMZ]  His loss.

'Smallville' - The Superman Symbol in Clark's Eye

The story in this final episode was good enough to keep me from being sad that this was the last ever new episode of Smallville.  The last twenty minutes had many recap images of the previous ten years and it was then I started realizing how sad I was becoming that this was it.  No more upcoming scenes.

FROM HERE ON OUT, SPOILERS are in this Smallville recap and review:

It opens 7 years from now, with Chloe reading to her little child, the story of Superman from a comic book titled “Smallville.”


We start with Clark (Tom Welling.. as if you didn’t know already) ignoring Lois (Erica Durance) about the idea that she believes they can’t get married.  (She said this last episode.)  They got past this obviously.  Meanwhile, Oliver (Justin Hartley) and Chloe (Allison Mack) are setting up the church for the wedding.

Tess (Cassidy Freeman) confronted Granny who said the darkness is upon us.

Clark and his mom, Martha Kent (Annette O’Toole) have a big talk about putting things behind her and letting go of Clark’s dad, Jonathan Kent  (John Schneider).  Dad shows up quite a few times as a memory, a vision that Clark chats to and with on and off through the episode.

All the while, Darkseid and his huge glowing ball of evil energy is approaching Earth.

Tess figures it out but finds herself delays and of all people, Oliver interrupts the wedding, being possessed by the darkness and he has powers that put him on level with Clark in their little scuffle.  Good scuffle.

Tess gets abducted by Loinel Luthor’s (John Glover) men.  Here is when Lionel explains to Tess that Lex took the best parts of all his failed clones and made the perfect clone…  except for the heart… which Tess has.  Lionel is the perfect maniacal evil man in this episode…  the pinnacle of what he’s been about this entire series…  but Tess turns the tables and gets away.


We finally get to see Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) and Clark come face to face one final time.  It is incredible to see Rosenbaum in this role one final time and I think I speak for all the fans and say thanks to whoever made this final appearance possible.  Whether it be the studios who coughed up a huge amount of money or Rosenbaum just finally giving in to the fans desires, hoping to avert the inevitable uprising if he didn’t don the bald look just one more time.  (This was one of the best bald caps I’ve ever seen.  Yes, bald cap!  He needs his hair for his role in Breaking In.)

SMALLVILLE Finale -- Michael Rosenbaum as Lex LuthorWhen Clark faces Darkseid, the evil has taken the form of Lionel Luthor and as they go at it, Jor-El takes Clark on a mini-memory journey and we see scenes from the last ten years… and then suddenly, Clark realizes he CAN fly.  (Darkseid / Lionel looks like the ghost from Christmas dead, or a zombie!  Nice look.)  But this face-off, between Darkseid and Clark was even shorter-lived than one of the biggest battles Clark had with Doomsday.  One flying hit and Darkseid was poof!

In another altercation, Lex gets the best of Tess, saying he’s saving her from turning into him.  But she was ready…  and wipes a toxin on his face that makes him forget his past.

And when Jor-El gives Clark the suit, via an image of his dad holding it out, and he takes off from the Fortress of Solitude, the chills hit me.  Finally…  in a glimpse of a, well, blur, he exits the Fortress headed skyward.

The moment we’ve been waiting for, Superman, is here as he pushed Darkseid’s planet away from Earth…

And then we pop back to the present, 7 years after the first day Superman was born.  Lois and Clark running around The Daily Planet, Perry White screaming, ‘Lane, stories don’t write themselves!!  Great Caesar’s Ghost!”  The real Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) shows up too…  in the background on a TV, Lex Luthor is president and we see Clark going to save folks, running towards the camera, stripping his shirt open and we see the ‘S’.


Like I said earlier, it was a great closing story as they closed out many angles within the franchise of Smallville itself.

I think the ONLY two nits I have from this episode was

1)  Yet another short, one-hit fight with Darkseid and

2) Seeing the suit and Clark “in it.”

Seriously, coming up against the biggest evil in the universe, something or someone as powerful as Superman, might take more than one hit, wouldn’t it?  But then again, at least they’ve been consistent with this anticipated huge fights and making the episodes more about getting there than the event.

The other item, and maybe you don’t have to ponder it too much, but if you think about this very carefully… we did not see Tom Welling in the suit itself.  The scenes with Superman were distant little CGI Gumbys.  That’s fine, it meant we finally see Superman.  But every close up of Tom Welling, was a close-up face shot with a red cape floating behind his head.  We never saw Welling in a full body shot, in the suit.

Our last scene of him as Superman, was when he went to fly off the roof of The Daily Planet and he pulled his shirt apart and we saw the tee-shirt with the ‘S’ symbol on it.  I think we were a bit ripped off, but if that’s all they could do, then they pulled it off and gave us as much as they were probably legally allowed to imply and/or show.  There are huge legal issues behind this franchise and the image of the hero.  I’m glad they’ve been able to give us something, even if it wasn’t perfect.


I think they’re watching the Smallville finale!

With tonight’s episode, the series finale of Smallville, this is the second TV series I’ve bid farewell too this week.  (Stargate Universe was bid farewell to earlier this week.)  Despite the probability that no one involved with the series will see this, my little corner of the internet, I still send my thanks to the folks behind the show these last ten years.  I met my wife when this series started.  It’s been one of our shared moments throughout.  It’s over, but we continue.

Thank you, to The CW, CBS, Tom Welling, showrunners/exec producers/writers Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, Tim McCanlies, Kelly Souders, Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer & Geoff Johns; directors James Marshall, Greg Beeman, Mike Rohl, Tom Welling (he directed 7 episodes), Allison Mack (2 episodes), Justin Hartley who wrote and directed one episode and every single other person who brought this DC based franchise to life.

Thank you everyone.  It was a great ten year run for Smallville.  An awesome run for a genre series.  Thank you to The CW for keeping it afloat.  And thanks to all the viewers… for there being enough of us to keep it alive this long.  Like I always say, it’s a team effort from the bottom up.


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Check out this Tom Welling / Michael Rosenbaum behind-the-scenes vid from “Finale.”


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