SMALLVILLE – The Last Season, Darkseid, The Suit & Michael Rosenbaum?

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Smallville on The CW Network, starring Tom Welling

Smallville is entering its tenth and final season. There’s a lot to talk about that has been mentioned lately. We chat a little about the next big DC comic book that the CW needs to get working on, talk about big changes in Oliver’s life, bits about Allison Mack’s part time status, the evil bad guy, Darkseid, for season 10, hopes about Michael Rosenbaum returning to Smallville and when and or if THE SUIT will be showing up in this last season.

The CW Needs A New DC Character Series

It’s no secret that Smallville has been a great boon for The CW Entertainment network, even despite being moved to Friday’s to make room for The Vampire Diaries on Thursdays.

With this upcoming 10th season of Smallville being its last, they’re pondering what new DC comic book character they can base a new TV series off of.

Nothing has been decided but they’re focusing hard so it will be up and running that next season after Smallville ends. Can they successfully pull this off? Will they try to model in the same reimagining outline? Will the audience accept a similar spin or bail on a vain attempt? Maybe the CW needs to give it a break and not jump right into another superhero genre show. But then what will they do? It seems to me they’re in a bind, even if it’s a good bind.

They know they need to execute this new show properly.

I wouldn’t mind Nightwing… or would it be a spin-off? With a character from Smallville, they already have an installed fan base. In fact, I’m betting they’ll probably move on with the next best character from the show, which ever that might be. Then they have an already established fan base that would help the new DC comic series with at least a jump start with ratings.

Darkseid Is Smallville’s Bad Guy

Darkseid will be the main antagonist and we’ll be seeing some more Brainiac, Supergirl and Hawkman. Hey! We knew Darkseid was coming to Smallville! I mentioned it back in March! Brainiac, played by James Marsters, will be Brainiac 5 and will appear in the 200th episode.

There will also be “other surprises” in this last season.

On Michael Rosenbaum Returning To Smallville

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As far as appeasing fans, The CW did indicate that the door is open for Michael Rosenbaum to return. In fact they sent him a dozen red roses and a private note, trying to get his attention! Unless something big changes, I’m not sure they’ve received the message that Michael is busy. Michael is working on a show he’s written, called Saved By Zeroes, plus he has

Then again, you never know! Right?

Bits About Oliver & Allison Mack

Here’s a bit of a spoiler: By the end of Episode 3 of the 10th season, Oliver’s (Justin Hartley) life will change big time. Now does this coincide with Allison Mack only being on the show part time? Who knows.

The Suit in Smallville

Superman Returns

This is the 10th year. Fans have been crying out to see the suit… but legal issues have restrained WB Television Network and The CW from having Tom Welling wear the suit. Some of those same issues have kept Batman and WonderWoman and others from showing up. Those legal points are image rights and conflicting time frames with studios plans for projects with the same characters.

From what I’m seeing, the suit will show up in that final moment of the series. But how it will look or appear in that final moment will be the telling factor of what they’re going to be allowed to show.

Brian Wayne Peterson said “I think it will literally come down to the last two weeks of the show and if we know what the new movie is doing. There is every intention to get there, but the mandates really change depending on movie or TV developments.”

Regardless, the showrunners (Kelly Souders and Brian Wayne Peterson) have taken the reins from Al Gough and Miles Millar and despite my reservations, have not disappointed too much, though at times, the plot became flat. But then they pulled out all the stops at times.

I would love to see who ever the rights owners are to just take one moment, lay back and let Smallville have their crowning moment and let them reward the fans who have been along for the ride, no matter how long they’ve been on board.

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