Smallville To Follow In the Footsteps of Buffy, Going Comic

by on February 9, 2012

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DC Entertainment announced that they’re taking Smallville beyond the confines of a TV show and moving forward with a comic book franchise, continuing the saga of young Clark Kent. The digital comic will be titled Smallville Season 11.

'Smallville' - The Superman Symbol in Clark's Eye

Smallville Season 11 takes place six months after the events in the series finale of The CW’s Smallville and will include characters Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Chloe Sullivan-Queen, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and General Lane.

Behind the digital series will be former Smallville screenwriter Bryan Q. Miller.

The title will have new digital chapters released weekly after it’s premiere week of April 13, 2012. And keep an eye out for the online chapters coming out in print, starting May 16th, 2012. The print editions will also have an episode guide to the show.

[SuperHero Hype: Smallville Continues in Comic Book]

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