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John Hurt, Jamie Bell and Chris Evans in Snowpiercer, a review

Snowpiercer is presently on Video on Demand. The cast includes Chris Evans, Tilda Swan, Jamie Bell, John Hurt, Luke Pasqualino, Ed Harris and others.

The story of Snowpiercer takes place in our future, after humanity attempted an experiment with controlling climate change, but rather than help, the only thing it did is create a frozen waste land of Earth, killing almost everyone on the planet. Except for those on a very large train called Snowpiercer, with it’s own protected environment, ecosystem and what not, traveling on rails that encompass the globe.

That was 17 years prior to events in the movie. Since then, what has evolved on the train of the only humanity left on earth, is a dark social structure. One where those up front who service the engine and such look down upon and use the people from the rear of the train.

The front and middle sections are the upper class, who have everything while those in the back suffer in deplorable conditions.

But a few people have been planning and plotting to take over the train. It’s not the first time it has been tried, but they think they can do what the previous forays have failed at.

The social revolt is led by Curtis (Evans). Curtis has been watching certain events and when the time is right, he leads the charge forward to the engine. He leads the charge towards the impossible.

Chris Evans is Chris Evans. The tone and mannerisms you may have gleaned from his portrayal of Captain America in the Marvel movies is pretty much what you get here. And it fits perfectly into the situation.

He’s part of the revolution and becomes its reluctant leader. As the battle or surge moves forward through the train we’re shown some terrible violence and riveting character interaction.

The trip through the train is disgusting and fascinating all at once.

We learn what constitutes the food source for the folks in the rear cars. We learn how the other side lives, how they have train cars for specific purposes. And we learn more about the history of the people in the back. The terrible horrors they endured to get there and stay there.

This movie sets quite the tone for this world that is hard to ignore. Yet it is a classic horror future, combined with inevitable violence and moments of story telling that is truly riveting at times. There are characters you can truly enjoy and others that are very easy to despise and hate, Tilda Hilton’s portrayal.

I found it to an incredible movie experience, capping off a great day of movie fun, after having seen Guardians of the Galaxy earlier.

Snowpiercer is worthy of any cost you drop on it.

Snowpiercer (Watch Now While It’s In Theaters)

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