So How Are The New 2012-2013 TV Season Shows Doing?

by on October 22, 2012

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tv newsIf you’re wondering how the new shows from the 2012-2013 TV season are doing? There are a few that have floundered hard and some that have been given extra ep orders. While others are floating along, not self-destructing yet. Here’s a quickie mid-October 2012 update on those new shows:

  • 666 Park Avenue is expected to be dumped in one fashion or another.
    • It never drew me in. The moment that violinist got vapor-sucked back into the building, I was changing channels.
  • Animal Practice is being replaced by Whitney.
    • AP just never got going for me. The funny spots were all in the teasers and the rest felt flat.
  • Arrow would seem to be slated for a renewal, but that’s an estimate and not official news.
    • Arrow feels like a Batman kind of series, and that’s OK. I just wish Oliver would spend more time sneaking up on the guys with the guns rather than having them all miss. Statistically, someone should have hit him by now!
  • Beauty and the Beast had a 37% drop in viewership in the 2nd week. That can’t be good, but The CW has slightly different standards than most networks.
    • I was hoping for more, but there’s no reason to synthesizer roar every episode and no psychic connection has been explained yet… if there is one, like in the original series.
  • Ben and Kate had 6 more eps ordered on top of their original order.
  • Chicago Fire – Unknown, though it’s not doing horribly.
  • Elementary is doing well enough to probably get renewed.
    • I did not dislike the show, but it didn’t draw me in. I’ve seen Sherlock Holmes enough times for his approach to not be fresh for me.
  • Emily Owens, M.D.: ??
  • Go On is lined up to be renewed.
  • Guys With Kids is on unstable ground. It has a crappy lead-in with Animal Practice.
    • But the ads look hilarious.
  • Last Resort will probably be sticking around. (Ug…)
  • Made in Jersey was dumped.
  • Malibu Country – Premieres on Nov 2nd.
  • Nashville had a drop in ratings but no news.
  • Partners might be getting dumped, but nothing concrete yet.
  • Revolution has a second season renewal lined up.
    • Great show, fun story, but the lead actress needs to change her methodology.
  • The Mindy Project found itself a full season renewal.
  • The Mob Doctor – I heard bad things about it’s reception, but its future is in limbo and things will be figured out after the baseball season.
  • The Neighbors is doing OK. No news, good or bad.
  • The New Normal is getting a renewal.


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