So What Happened to Syfy’s ASCENSION?

by on January 7, 2015

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ascension on syfy

In the latter part of 2014 all we heard of in television ads from Syfy was about their three-part mini-series, Ascension. Every other ad cluster had teasers and previews of the show.

It starred Brandon P. Bell, Brian Van Holt, Tricia Helfer, Gil Bellows, Andrea Roth, and a slew of others.

It was about a space mission launched in the 60’s to save humanity, sending them off to deep space to start anew. Or something like that.

I was planning to watch it but neglected to set my DVR in time to catch the first 2-hour episode, but did record the second and third episodes.

I figured that since I set my DVR to snag repeats of the show, what with Syfy’s propensity to replay everything over and over again until it gets long in the tooth to take advantage of the “live +7” TV ratings, I’d catch the first episode again.

But my DVR never saw another airing of the premiere of the series. And then I heard from a trusted source that I did not need to worry about catching the first episode because they will catch me up on events in the second episode and so forth.

And he suggested I watch it, but it wasn’t much to write home about.

Now over in IMDb, it snagged a 7.1/10 for a user rating, from 4,332 votes. (Which is oddly a ver low number of votes for a show, plus, there is always voter bias involved. So I was wondering if the 7.1 score might be artificially inflated?)

Then, as I am preparing to watch this series, I started noticing the disparaging review headlines…

  • Syfys Ascension Lacks Real Heights (.boomtron.)
  • ‘Ascension’ finale review: Lost in space, or ‘Lost’ in space? (.ew.)
  • ” this strange project ultimately feels more like a teaser for the hoped-for series “ (variety.)

And if I add the lack of repeats, the lack luster review words about it, and the fact that they pushed the series from its original November air date to the TV ratings hole known as mid to late December, I started wondering what’s up.

As it stands, the first night pulled in 1.8 million viewers and set a record for the number of tweets for a scripted series premiere. (Though the content of the tweets might or might not have been great.)

Netting almost 2 million viewers is not a bad start, but the numbers then dropped to 1.3 million the next night and netted 1.5 million on its final evening of airing.

So Ascension was not a horrible experience but my trusted peer/critic gave the show a “meh” so I’m not sure what to expect when I do watch the second and third episodes.

What confuses me is what seems to be a lack of faith in the series from Syfy. Normally a show premieres, then gets a slew of repeat or encore airings in the following week. But not Ascension.

Well, I’ll let ya know what I think once I get around to check it out.


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