Some IRON MAN 2 Concept and Other Cover Art & Paintings

by on April 25, 2010

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Iron Man Cover Art by Alex Ross

The above piece of Iron Man artwork is an print of cover art for the Iron Man comic book, drawn by Alex Ross.  It’s an incredible piece of work as far as I’m concerned and is part of a series called Alex Ross Visions.  The beauty of this piece is that you can pre-order it from the Santa Monica Gallery who has created a business relationship with Marvel to reproduce some prints, to sell.

The artwork is not cheap folks and if you’re a fan with excess money.  The artwork that represents the above picture is available, autographed by Alex Ross, and is offered in two formats:

  • 21-by-17 inches/giclee on canvas for $825 or
  • 18-by-24 inches/giclee on paper for $400.

It’s incredibly awesome piece of artwork that demonstrates the brilliant colors of the Iron Man armor as it exudes it’s power and you can see Tony Stark’s eyes through the faceplate, demonstrating his focused intensity in this moment in time.

Iron Man Retro Vibe art by Mike Kungl

Iron Man Retro Vibe art by Mike Kungl

If you’re tendency is more along the retro-mechanical vibe, the above works by Mike Kungl of Iron Man and Black Widow are set with some prices, as autographed by Kungle.


  • 24″x19″/giclee on canvas for $475,
  • 18-by-24 inches for $350.

You can find the three above items, plus more, at the Every Picture Tells a Story website.

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Iron Man 2 Artistic Work

Iron Man 2 Artistic Work at USA Weekend

USA Weekend has this Iron Man 2 above image on their website, and when you go visit the website that the image is hosted, it has some mouse-over sports where when you place your mouse over specific spots on the poster, a pop-up of information about the character will be presented.  Check it out at USA Weekend website.

IRON MAN 2 concept art by Steven Chorney

Now the below website link has specific instructions located with the artwork that it can’t be duplicated without permission, and I’m too anxious to wait for permission because I’m excited to get it out to you.  The above screen shot shows the coolness that is Steven Chorney’s work for various movies.  The upper left corner is the Concept Art for Iron Man 2.  (See the image here.)

He has some great work at his site that he’s done. (

Very cool stuff I thought you’d like to check out!

[Every Picture Tells a Story, via Hero Complex; Every Picture Tells a Story,, USA Weekend.]

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