Some Website Facebook Apps are Pretty Annoying [An Observation]

by on June 8, 2012

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Facebook Logo from SimplyZestyWhen I first heard about how the Hollywood Reporter was integrating their site with Facebook and how it will all be very cool, it seemed interesting. But these days, if you have any concerns about your Facebook privacy, it’s rather disconcerting to click on anything from the site. (Remember, this is about the app, I’m using THR as an example)

When I click on a link for any article, I get a number of requests that read as follows:

Hollywood Reporter Social Reader would also like permission to:

Post on your behalf
This app may post on your behalf, including articles you read and more.

Why is Hollywood Reporter Social Reader asking for these permissions?
From Hollywood Reporter Social Reader: We will use these permissions to provide you a personalized news experience.

I have an option to Allow or Skip, so I skip, but after skipping, I get the same request again. I’m stubborn, so I’m willing to spend a bit of time playing this game and so I hit skip again.

Once I get to the article, I still a Facebook banner on top, but the THR article is below it.

As it is, I’m semi-busy at times fending off Google every time it tries to trick me into providing my cell phone number to them… so I’m not too fond of this new “convenience,” provided by THR, but I’m sure many folk have no issues with the deal. I just thought I’d share my observations.

This in no way reflects on THR, but rather, this reader application itself and how it, like many other apps and such want permissions to post to your timeline and other fun things.


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Bruce Simmons June 8, 2012 at 11:48 pm

Most don’t really care. Some do, but don’t do anything. Others, if they pay attention to the privacy filters and use FB for what it could be, well, it can make a very useful tool for connecting with select others.

Eh, anyone on the web is subject to these issues. It’s just not always as obvious as FB is at times.

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