Someone Should Sue AccuWeather! [Consumer]

by on October 2, 2012

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accuweather sometimes isn't so accurateI know that weather prediction is more an art than a science. Sure, a meteorologist can look at past weather behavior for a specific date through time, form an opinion then weight that opinion with what they observe going on in real-time. It’s a guess. But it’s about as educated a guess as one can get.

And at times folks like to grumble on and off about how the weatherman (or person) is off a bit in their predictions.

I get that. And I am guilty of the fun too.


Accuweather is something else altogether different when it comes to guessing or even reporting the weather.

Today was a prime example that brought this to mind.

Yesterday was a pretty hot day and yesterday’s prediction for today from was 93. From Accuweather, it was 84.

It hit 98 today.

Tonight, the predictions say 81, Accuweather: 73. TV: Another hot day like today.

If I average out what everyone gives me, it could be a nice day.

I’m picking more on Accuweather because they tend to be wrong more often than not. And on occasion, they even get the real-time reports wrong.

One day I had my Accuweather screen say it’s raining where I’m at, when in fact, all I could see around me was blue sky. And they’ve also told me at one time it was a clear night while I stood outside underneath some serious thunderstorms.

I’m more confused as to how weather services can differ in opinion when I presume they’re using the same or similar sources for their information. (I’m totally ignoring the real-time gaff.)

For me, the name Accuweather seems to imply something about being accurate. At times, it feels like it should be called NotSoRightWeather.

I’m just saying, I’m more curious than anything and take most weather predictions with a grain of salt.

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