Sons of Anarchy “Darthy:” Of Guns, Drugs and Choices (& The Name to That song)

by on November 28, 2012

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Sons of Anarchy series logoThe Sons of Anarchy episode that aired 11/27/12 titled “Darthy.” We watch everything get more complicated than it already was and this episode also introduces a brand new song from The White Buffalo that was released the same day the episode aired. (See below)

The episode opens to a deep reflection by Jax and the difficulties of leading. All this was being put to a note he was writing to his son for some future date. He talks about becoming the leader of the club that his father was trying to become.

But Jax’s day goes to crap when Clay comes to the table and comes clean about his involvement with the nomad home invasions and wanting to push out Jax from the head of the table. It was a calculated move on Clay’s part that Bobby helped him work out. It gets his patch removed, as voted on, but when the table votes on Clay meeting “Mr. Mayhem,” Bobby is the hold out yay vote, eliminating the option.

This destroys Jax’s long-term plan to have Clay killed for everything he’s been responsible for but Bobby said he did it to keep Jax from going down this dark path of revenge..

Jax pointes out that the head of the table requires being a savage.

Tara looks at who to write into her will to raise her kids if something happens to her and Jax, and it comes down to Wendy. But later on, Jax isn’t so hot on the Wendy idea. Tara gives her testimoney on the Otto killing.

Jax later asks Pope for extra keys of snuff for his new ‘get out of business’ deal. He then takes counsel from Pope on his Clay problem. Pope says revenge is about the visceral need, and it can be done by proxy. They also confirm their agreement for Jax to give up Tig later.

Jax finds out he needs to make one more deal/run with the Irish for guns. He was making the deal work with the Irish when Remeo’s clan shows up and screws up the Irish relationship and a threat is laid down on ALL of the club, international chapters included by the Irish.

And through it all,

Lee Torick is the name of the man who says “Can you hear my voice?” (I call him Mr. Verizon “Can you hear me now” guy.) He turns out to be a retired U.S. Marshall (I told you guys about him sometime back in October.) He beat Otto pretty bad and now, he’s introduced himself to Tara in her office, as the brother of the nurse who Otto killed.

He’s an overly violent man who will fit right into the environment of the world that SAMCRO lives in.

Remember that bit about Tara looking at Wendy to be the woman who would take care of her boys if something happens to them? Well, Wendy gets kidnapped by the Irish as leverage on Jax. Fortunately, despite their high value demands, Nero offers his help with the situation and at the same time, he seems to be falling back into his old ways.

And there goes Clay, telling the Irish he’s going to put together an independent crew and is willing to continue to work with them. And asks for refuge in Ireland for a while. And to add insult to it all, he makes an offer to Tig to come work independent with him, no club politics.

Of course, Wendy’s experience being a kidnap victim, gives her the leverage to sue for custody of her son. She unloads verbally and delivers her intent of a legal threat.

Clay offers Gemma a ride to Ireland with him and she says she’ll think about it, then goes to see Nero. The club later covers over Clay’s club tats on his back and arms.

In reference to earlier in the episode when Jax says you need to be a savage to sit at the head of the table is proven true when he attacks Wendy and jacks her up with drugs. Now, all he has to do is call for a drug test if she sues for custody. And this is ugly to jack up an ex-junkie whose get their life back on the straight and narrow.

This indeed showed how savage one needs to be to helm the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club.

Jax is in this hip deep hole because he’s trying to work his own exit strategy and keeps getting put in pickles from all angles. The Irish, Romeo, Clay, the Otto thing and the short-lived Wendy issue. Not to mention the potential issue of Mr “can you hear my voice” guy whose gunning for everything related to his sisters death.

Did you catch the moment when Jax asks his mother to sit down, but we never hear their conversation? That’s going to come into play next week I’m sure. He probably asked her to do one more thing for him, in regards to Clay. My suspicion is that Jax knows what Clay is up to.

It’s amazing how hard Jax tries to get out, and how much more ugly he has to get to get there. And this was the penultimate episode of the season, with next week’s episode being the season finale of Sons of Anarchy. And like so many times before, whatever resolutions are coming next week, if any, are coming out of left field. I have my ideas, but I’ll just have to wait and see.

I. Can’t. Wait!

Musical Footnote: The song playing during the closing scenes of the episode, when Clay is having his tattoos blacked out, with lyrics like “Jesus watch over me, bless these wicked hands, they have a mind of their own” is a new song released today (11/27) called The Whistler, from The White Buffalo. Another great song that we catch from Sons of Anarchy.

On Amazon: The Whistler – Single from The White Buffalo.

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