Sons of Anarchy Ep “Stolen Huffy” – And It’s All on Clay

by on October 4, 2012

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Jimmy Smits, Katey Sagal and Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy ep Stolen Huffy

In the latest Sons of Anarchy episode titled “Stolen Huffy,” crap hit the fan for Nero as his “place of business” not only got raided, but his landlord evicted the bunch. Can’t blame the landlords on that one.

Jax later on strikes up a deal with Nero, an arrangement between Nero’s industry and the motorcycle club with the hopes that this is that first step to legitimizing their business interests.

Oh, and Jax introduced a catch to Nero… to stay away from Gemma. She’s in deep with her troubles and and such, and Jax thinks it’s best for all involved. Nero seems to be more about business than Gemma any way.

Gemma, Tara and Wendy are coming to a disgruntled meeting of the minds about Wendy’s child. I’m not thinking it’s going to go Wendy’s way without a fight, even if Wendy made a great point about when her child is a teenager, and he finds out that Jax and Tara have been holding out on him.

Meanwhile, Gemma, Tara and Nero’s front desk lady, who is a bit like Gemma in the head strong department, all have a knock down drag out scuffle.

Underneath it all is Opie’s funeral. The club paid tribute to his memory and through it all, every now and then, I swear we see a regretful demeanor in Clay’s eyes.

And every time I saw Clay in this episode of Sons of Anarchy, I could not help but remember this is all on him. Starting with his mistaken hit on Opies wife, Donna, which started him on his dark path. It was Clay that killed his dad. It was Clay that started the dangerous relationship with the Cartel.

But therein was my experience with “Stolen Huffy.”

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