Sons of Anarchy episode “Laying Pipe” – A Hard Emotional Ep

by on September 25, 2012

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Charlie Hunnam and Ryan Hurst in Sons of Anarchy ep recap of Laying Pipe

This is a recap/review of the Sons of Anarchy episode titled “Laying Pipe.” This is a recap full of spoilers and I’d suggest skipping this until you see the episode.

The Sons go into prison. They have protection inside but Pope has the staff on payroll and he arranges a meet with Jax, telling him he needs to pick a Son to die, this for the cop and his man who died earlier by Tig’s hand.

Gemma discovers she’s not on the “access list” to see her grand kids. She ain’t happy but Tara sets her straight.

Clay sees more clues to his slide from the throne of the MC. He begs Juice to give him the deets on Gemma’s guy… just to figur eout if she’s killing time or not.

Drea de Matteo and Maggie Siff in Sons of Anarchy ep recap Laying Pipe

Gemma meets with Wendy and lies through her teeth about Tara not being a fit mom. Oh the insidious grandma she can be! Later Wendy confronts Tara, but that only stirs up the pot.

Juice takes Clay to Nero’s place of business, and meets the “new one.” He spends some time with one of the girls and when Gemma shows up, and she thumps the girl Clay was with. (And here we thought she was over Clay.)

In prison, Jax is put on the spot who to give up to leave from prison in a body bag. It’s an emotional moment, worrying about who he’ll pick. During some one-on-one time, Jax tells Opie everything about the Rico, the letters and the corner he’s in with the law and the motorcycle club.

Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, Ryan Hurst and Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy ep Laying Pipe

It’s a truly emotionally impacted moment watching Jax having to pick who goes out in that body bag. This viewer was worried sick, then Opie offers himself up for the fight and he’s put in a room with 4 other guys and goes down fighting.

Opie was one of my favorites and this was a hard part of the episode to watch. I’m hoping try vengeance is taken out for this one. But Pope has them in a bind while he runs the prison.

Jax does tell the prison guard who arranged it that he will kill him, then later meets with Pope and finalizes other details of their Pope-enforced arrangement. He tells Pope that after all is said and done, he can do with Tig what he wants. (Does Jax harbor ill will towards Tig for bringing this all down on the club? Or is there another plan in is head, when he said, “when he’s done with the deal?”)

Oh, and Gemma gets snagged up in a cop raid on Nero’s cat house.

Sons of Anarchy review - Ryan Hurst as Opie

You’ll be missed Opie.

This episode ran a huge gamut of emotions, from funny scenarios with Juice at Nero’s to the moment we watched Opie die. We were looking in his eyes when he was killed. I have nothing more for you. This was a powerful episode of Sons of Anarchy.

I’ll be counting the episodes until Pope goes down. (I can hope, right?)

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