Sons of Anarchy episode Recap for “Andare Pescare” – Resolutions and Change

by on November 7, 2012

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Ron Perlman in Sons of Anarchy

The Sons of Anarchy episode titled “Andare Pescare” (11-6-12) brought a bucket of resolution and a tough decision that needs to be made to get back into the good of things.

I’ll explain.

So this episode of Sons of Anarchy saw the resolution of the nomad Frankie situation.  Jax reached out to a different crime syndicate (Well, they don’t have motorcycles so I can’t call them a club) and after some conversation, they give up Frankie.

But Clay and Juice get to Frankie first and Clay tries to “off” Frankie but everyone gets there and he’s kept from putting the man with the evidence against him in the ground.  But fortunately for Clay, our local crime boss lost his buddy who was guarding Frankie, and our boss snaps and puts a few slugs into Frankie.

This kills (no pun intended) Jax’s plan, which was to shuttle Frankie away to the Sheriff. Then, the Sheriff would tell Jax who the mole was sitting at his table. But that got ganked with Frankie dead.  But despite the agreement having gone south, Jax figured out it was Juice. Roosevelt tries to tell Jax that Juice didn’t have a choice, but Jax seems focused on the idea that we all have choices.

Katey Sagal in Sons of Anarchy

This isn’t looking good for Juice.

Gemma has her own issues. Last week Jax laid it on the table that she needs to get back with Clay to get evidence of his part involving the nomads. She sees Nero as someone she could be with. But she has the weight of never being allowed to see her family again on her shoulders if she doesn’t do what Jax wants. She doesn’t want to lay with Clay, but she wants family more. And Nero will be the innocent victim of this entire thing.

Tara continued to have a go at Otto in prison. And using his exes perfume, it seems that he broke down. From what I can tell, (A prediction), he’s going to recant his story then maybe kill himself.

And I won’t even go there about what went on between them, or Tara later on in the episode. It seemed to be a strong emotional situation, in both cases.

Gemma is going to go through hell before she can climb out of the hole she’s dug herself in.

Otto may come through… I hope.

Clay, I have no clue if he makes it through the season or not. I suspect he will since he and Jax are the basis for the conflict of the show.

Poor, poor Juice.

Previews reminded us of a few characters we haven’t seen in a while. Pope & Romero. And it seems that Juice might just be under the gun from Jax.

We’ll see.

Next week’s episode is going to be a 90-minute package of Sons of Anarchy fun! Be ready SAMCRO fans!

[SOA tidbit: Katey is married to showrunner Kurt Sutter.  Sutter co-writes some of the episodes with Katey’s sister, Liz.]

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