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Kurt Sutter spent some quality time answering some questions for TV Line and though they touched on many obvious aspects of the finale, they didn’t touch on something I’m pretty curious about…

Read on and see what’s coming for the season six of Sons of Anarchy.

Oh, if you have not seen the season five finale of Sons of Anarchy, don’t blow it for yourself. This is quality s*!

Sons of Anarchy Spoilers

Sons of Anarchy spoilers

So there are all kinds of questions on the minds of many, and a few were answered by Kurt Sutter, the man behind the show. (And Katey Segal’s husband to boot!)

Jimmy Smits in Sons of Anarchy as Nero

Jimmy Smits

Will Jimmy be returning? At the moment, there’s no contract in place for him to be coming back, but per Kurt, they’ll be looking at the contractual situation pretty soon.

{They better! His role of Nero added an entire new flavor of tension, and with Nero falling back into his old ways, we have a great situation that Gemma is not unfamiliar with. -Bruce}

Tig’s Dog & Tig’s Fate

Kim Coates in Sons of Anarchy as TigTig now has a replacement, so to speak, for Dawn in his new puppy. The dog fighting circuit rescue. As Sutter suggested, he now has something to love once again.

Also, I don’t think Sutter will be killing off Tig. He seems to really like the character.

{With that said, I’ve been lied to before by showrunners. So hell, who knows.}

Otto’s Tongue

Kurt Sutter in Sons of Anarchy as OttoSutter no longer needs to study any more lines. Though he will be mumbling and writing things down now. Sutter seems to be envisioning Otto’s trip to the gas chamber.

{To be honest, I’m surprised Otto lived through to the end of season five! -B}

Donal Logue

Donal Logue in Sons of Anarchy as Lee ToricThe crazy ex-lawman with a violent side… oh yes, he’ll be back indeed. They contracted out to him for 10 episodes and he has “7 or 8 [more] next season.”

{Considering the threat he poses, the anger he has… yea, I would have been completely surprised to not see him next season.}

The Fate of Juice

Theo Rossi in Sons of Anarchy as JuiceOriginally, there was a serious beat-down in the cards for Juice, but the story was taken the other way. But…

There’s all kinds of opportunity for this situation to come around in season six.

{Great. Poor Juice will have ulcers by the end of season six, unless he doesn’t make it to that point in the show. -B}

Mark Boone in Sons of Anarchy as BobbyYes… Bobby was only resigning as VP… not quitting the club. Besides, as any of you Sons of Anarchy fans know, there is no “leaving” the club.

Clay’s Crap

Ron Perlman in Sons of Anarchy as ClayYes, it appears that Clay is doomed. But it seems what I mistook for more bull*t, was actually Clay wanting redemption with Gemma and a piece of the gun running business.

{If he’s truly understood what he’s done, well, much has already been taken from him. But for everything he’s been responsible for, I don’t think he should slide.}


Katey Sagal in Sons of Anarchy as GemmaSeeing Gemma stand behind Jax, in mirror of the season four’s finale, where Tara stood in the same place irked the crap out of me.

Tara’s paid her dues and looked like she was getting out of this noise of the club, but as we’ve seen before, it’s near impossible to get away from the club’s business.

There’s no news on the Oregon job offer, at least that Sutter will say.

Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy Jax TellerI’m not sure what’s up with Jax, considering he wanted out, but when presented with the opportunity, seemed resistant.

So Gemma has the Nero angle, and if Gemma did pull the plug on Tara, which again, we get coy-Sutter, it will be interesting to see what Jax does about it.

{But from the wording Sutter uses, I’m not sure if Gemma did this.}

“My intention was to definitely put that out there as a possibility, and I think well reveal how that happened. I do want the audience coming away with, Wow, did she actually follow through on that threat? And what does that mean for Gemma and Jax if he finds out? I definitely wanted to create that discussion.”

Maggie Siff in Sons of Anarchy as TaraDISCUSSION? I’m thinking ulcers for fans!

Tara being sent to jail opens up a whole new world of possibilities with her, as he who writes the show, has indicated.

Season 6 Picks Up…

Sutter isn’t sure where the story will pick up in season six. We’ve seen whole years and mere days between seasons, so your guess is as good as mine.

But he won’t be sitting down until February to really hash that out.

And that leaves us with that damn homeless girl ghost! No one has asked Kurt Sutter what’s up with her or when we’ll be getting into that story.

Sons of Anarchy Homeless girl appearanceA season or more ago, he said that will play out in time, and though it didn’t really rear its head this season, the timing of the homeless apparition in the finale, for me, would portend to a warning or that she will finally get her story told. Or as he puts it, open up that discussion! She’s appeared 7 times in the show so far, and is played by Olivia Burnette.

(I wonder if he calls the gun fights discussions?)


Speaking of Juice, Theo Rossi will be guesting on Law & Order: SVU. I saw it at a website that points to itself as a source. I’m not down with that bulls*t, but I’m trying desperately to find the original source of info that I saw that at before this other site…

Ah!!! TV Line again…

Rossi will be in the January 2nd, 2013 episode of L&O:SVU.

Rossi will be playing…

“Enrique Rodriguez, a working-class Catholic who is determined to seek justice for his sister when he finds that she was part of a church cover-up.”

So keep your eyes open Sons of Anarchy fans!


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