Sons of Anarchy Recap: Hookers Are Going To be Your Only Family

by on October 31, 2012

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Sons of Anarchy episode recap - Ablation

This week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, titled “Ablation” was the usual SoA episode full of action, developments and twists with some frights.

But what does the episode title, Ablation, mean?  Wikipedia says “Ablation is removal of material from the surface of an object by vaporization, chipping, or other erosive processes.

I believe this episode focuses on erosive processes, like Clay’s duplicity.

First up, Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) wreck:  Before she could come clean to Jax (Charlie Hunnam), she let Clay (Ron Perlman) lie for her.  She couldn’t bring herself to speak the truth because she thought she could get away with it… or was desperate to hope she could skate.

This didn’t pan out too well as Jax got to the bottom of the wreck and learned about the truth.  He tested her at first and saw Gemma in action lying to his face.

Recap - Katey Sagal, Charlie Hunnam, Maggie Siff and Tara Knowles in Sons of Anarchy - Ablation

As the episode wore on, and Gemma, Jax and Tara (Maggie Siff) finally put it out there and Tara abolished Gemma from her kids…  never wanting to see, hear or even think of her.

All this from Gemma needing to get high while wanting a chance to be with her grandkids.

But this isn’t the end of that story.

Jax follows up the van attack and learns who took out the order to try and kill him, and it leads him back to Frankie (Chuck Zito*). We find out that Frankie didn’t really leave town, but doubled back to Nero’s (Jimmy Smits), looking for some cash.

Frankie spills the beans on many details, including that the hit was on Jax only (see above about Gemma and Tara) and that Clay was the man behind the Nomads home invasions.

Frankie got his money, grabbed Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) as insurance and made a run for it.  And suddenly, when Frankie got where he was going, I realized how much I liked Chibs.  For a moment I thought Frankie was going to kill Chibs and I was finding myself getting upset about this.  Instead, Frankie left Chibs unconcious in a pool of his own blood.  Damn you Sutter.  You’ve got us all nervous about your penchance for killing people out of the blue.

But now, Jax has a mission focused on Clay, but will he be able to pull it off?


Juice (Theo Rossi) has slowly spiralled down into a pickle of sorts.  He’s been faithful to Clay, not realizing how dirty Clay has been really playing.  Which was fine, but things are starting come down on him.

At the hospital when everyone was checking in on Gemma, Juice was pulled aside by Sheriff Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar).  Roosevelt wanted to know what was up, but Juice had nothing for him.  But Roosevelt pulled him aside in plain view of everyone, including Clay.

Later Clay called him on that and Juice came clean to Clay about his father and Roosevelt holding that over him, the Rico case and Otto (Show creator Kurt Sutter) turning on the club.

In “exchange,” Clay told him about the Nomads and how he helped kill them.  He sort of left out some important details, bt now, he’s told Juice they have something between them, a bond.

Roosevelt has asked Jax to find him the guys who killed his wife.  If they turn over Frankie to him, he’s going to tell them who it is that’s a traitor sitting at the table.

Roosevelt is desperate and willing to give up Juice to the club doesn’t make it look good for Juice in the long run.  With Sutter’s penchant for surprise killings, I’m worried about Juice making it out of this season.  (that would be upsettng.)

Clay keeps working the processes.  He’s put Nero on notice about dating Gemma, he’s played over Juice, and he’s still trying to clean up loose ends with the nomads, AKA, Frankie.

Jax wants proof so he can take Clay to the table, and have him ousted and killed for his duplicity.  But Clay has been cleaning up after himself, so this could be a tough one.  But Jax has come up with a wicked plan and presents it to Gemma.

His plan… If Gemma ever wants back in with his family, she needs to “get back in bed” with Clay and get him comfortable, and talking.  And Jax spelled it out, literally.  It’s a brutal plan for Gemma to partake on.  I’m not sure how Nero is going to handle this either.  But then again, Jax and Nero had some stern words earlier.

But Jax’s ultimatum to Gemma was do this, or she can get used to hookers and bangers being her only family in Nero’s brothel.  Ouch.

*Did you know that Frank Zito is a part-time stuntman?

This was another crazy good episode of Sons of Anarchy.


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