Sons of Anarchy Recap – It Was A Quiet Day, Right Clay?

by on October 17, 2012

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Sons of Anarchy series logoEvery now and then the last few moments of an episode of Sons of Anarchy makes you say “Oh s*!”  Just like the episode titled “Small World.”

In Sons of Anarchy “Small World” we were treated to quite a bit of plot developments.

In a bit of sad and bad news, the Sheriff’s wife died from her injuries in the home invasion robbery from the last episode.  This has set Sheriff Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) in a deep, dizzying spiral of anger.  And seems to have set the sheriff on the tails of the gang… I mean motorcycle club.

Nero’s (Jimmy Smits) half sister, Carla, went off half-cocked, forcing Nero and Gemma (Katey Segal) to get into bed naked, at gun point, and then kills herself in Gemma’s bedroom.

Not sure where that came from.  But I have a bad feeling about her death.

Pope (Harold Perrineau) puts out an offer to Jax to double their income by offering to distribute more drugs on their mule runs and also delete their debt to him.

They’ve also been both trying to figure out who is committing the home invasion robberies, but both have come up dry.  And there’s no obvious party who would benefit from messing with Charming and making the club look bad.

But in the interim, even though Pope comes up empty on the home invasion gang, he offers a second piece of info to show his committment to Jax.  The address of the warden who arranged Opies death.

And it was a beautiful thing, to see Jax exact revenge on the man he promised to kill.  On the man who arranged the death of Opie.  With a snow glob.  But there was an extra wrinkle in the process, when the warden’s wife is home and after subduing her, Tig (Kim Coates) coldly pops her.  Collateral damage.

Clay (Ron Perlman) gets a clean bill of health from his doctor, but keeps the ruse going that he isn’t doing too well and is still lugging around his oxygen tank.

And what’s up with Tara (Maggie Siff) and Otto (Kurt Sutter, the man himself). She’s trying to get him to recant his testimony, he ain’t havin’ nuthin’ to do with it.  And Tara didn’t tell Jax about it.

And Gemma is doing it again… getting picked up in a bar… by Joel McHale.  The previews for next week don’t look good for either of them.

If you think Jax went overboard beating the prison guard with the snow glob, think about this: Jax lost his lifelong best friend.  He has no way what so ever to able get at Pope.  He’s way too protected.  But this prison guard needed to have retribution served up hot on the plate, and Jax did promise him he was coming.

I have no problem with Jax’s moment.

Clay has turned into the Walter White of the show.

Learning that he’s behind the home invasions was shocking.  I did not see that one coming.  So now, on top of all the other crap he’s caused, we now add these attacks on Charming.

Gemma having Clay “clean up” Carla’s body could become something bigger.  Carla was too small of a role to have us care about her, but her dead body could be something that comes back to haunt Gemma.  I mean, Clay has been an ahole and this would not surprise me if her body pops up somewhere else later, putting blame on the club.  Again.

I’ve gotten to the point where I would not be unhappy to see him face off with any number of players, and get offed.

In an interview with THR, Ron Perlman said that things will be changing in an inconceivable way by season’s end. (That’s all I’m saying.)

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