Sons of Anarchy Recap: Traded Deals, Lost Papers and Federal Confusions

by on November 21, 2012

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In the Sons of Anarchy episode titled “To Thine Own Self,” Clay digs in deeper, Gemma tries a quirky balancing act, Jax sets a plan or two in motion and the “Cartel” steps in and screws up Nero.

Jimmy Smits and Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy

Episode opening tease: Gemma lets it out to Clay that Tara has been volunteering at the prison.  It seems to have started some of Clay’s wheels turning in his head.

Then we watch Otto get the crap beat out of him in solitary by some new player who walks up asking, “Can you hear my voice?”

Jax is pressured to get things rolling with putting down Clay, what with the advent of Otto’s use of the cross Tara brought him to kill a nurse in the prison.

Clay is playing up Tig for some future plan of his.  And he did it by calling out Jax as the guy who is “sucking up to the guy who killed” his daughter.  Referring to his business dealings with Pope.

Nero’s old gang from another town comes a’calling and they seem to think Nero can get them guns.

Tara comes across Wayne Unser and he’s not looking like he’s doing too well with his fight with cancer and the chemo treatment.  I wonder if this is his last season?  That would suck, but it’s not looking good.

The CIA tells Clay he needs to make his move for the head of the table sooner than later.

Ron Perlman and Danny Trejo in Sons of Anarchy

Meanwhle, Nero’s old gang shows up to make the gun deal with Jax and the boys, but they came with guns of their own, looking for an ambush.  The boys get away, but now, this is a new wrinkle in the day.  As if there wasn’t enough on their plates.  Meaning Jax.

Later, Clay tries to turn Jax to the way of CIA’s (Romero) thinking… but Jax has other plans and won’t bite.  CIA man says he’ll give him another day, but then tells his man to “make the call.”

Gemma is still keeping Nero on a long leash… but Clay sees them.

Tara tells her potential job offering that she wants to move forward, but that her hubby is very vested in Charming.

Back to Otto, the guy who beat him down, shows up in a leisure suit, calling himself “Just a citizen.”  But all he says is that the next few months will be very painful for Otto.  I have no clue who this is, unless this is who the CIA guys made the call to.  Not sure at this point in the episode.  It’s all I have on this guy right now.

Then there’s Juice, who’s been told by Jax he has to find the contents of Clay’s “ripped off safe” now.

Jax turns over the Cartel gun business to another club/group, the Chinese (Henry Lin), and gets the drug running over to the Mayans.  Then Jax gets the call from Juice that he found the documents.

But before he can get to Clay’s house, Jax gets kidnapped by the CIA/Cartel’s gang boys.  But this development screws up Jax’s plan to nail Clay… and Clay figures it out and my guess, he moves the papers that Juice finds.

But it’s all good, as he tells them what he’s up to on divesting them of the Cartel businesses.  And the club votes off on it.  This, if all goes well, gets the club clear of these necessary evils they’ve been dealing with.

Crap…  the guy who put the beat down on Otto is following Tara now.

Oh, then Nero went all rage-out on his old gang because at first, everyone thought that his old gang ‘napped Jax… but it wasn’t and when he finds out, he’s not feeling too hot about it.  And now Gemma is in the hot seat with him… trying to tell him this thing with Clay isn’t what it seems.

Whacky tough spot for the love birds.

And yep, Clay moved all the documents.  This development kills Jax’s plan to open up a can of revenge on Clay, at least with the club. Jax is pissed beyond words with Juice for letting Clay have time alone in the house and Jax comes clean to Bobby and Chib about everything that Clay has been behind.

Stunned is a good word to use here.

Bobby goes to see Clay… in an effort to help keep his old friend alive.


Tonight Jax made the first huge step towards his vision of getting the club out from under the evils of gun running and being drug mules.  If this all pans out, this leaves just a few other odds and ends to clean like.  Like Pope and his wanting Tig delivered to him.

But I don’t know who the bloody heck this “Can you hear my voice?” guy is.  He’s on Otto and now watching Tara?  Is this a new player setting us up for next season?

Gemma is playing a fine line between Clay and Nero, and I think that maybe Clay might be suspecting.  And Nero is ready to bolt, but Gemma is trying to keep him within reach.  This can’t be doing her mind any good.

Clay is getting smarter with every episode as far as reaching a stalemate of devious chess moves to keep Jax from legitimately having him killed off, by club standards.

I don’t know what’s happening with Tara and her new job offer and this new development with being implicated with Otto’s trick killing.


The next episode of Sons of Anarchy finds the return of Jax dealing with Pope, and a few other odds and ends.  There’s only two more episodes left of this season.  They’re titled “Darthy” & the season finale, “J’ai Obtenu Cette.”  (Which, by the way, translates from French as “I Got This.” Cripes… nothing good ever comes with that saying.)  Does Unser, looking at his imminent death, do something for the club? Is Chibs going to do something for Jax again? (We never heard of any fall out from last episode’s killing of Opie’s killer.)

But with only two episodes left, is it me, or has that mystery homeless apparition of a girl not shown up to Jax of Gemma this season?  Yet?  She hasn’t missed a season yet! And since she’s shown up to either of Gemma of Jax in times of stress, I’m thinking she’s long over-due!

See ya next week!

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