SONS OF ANARCHY Review: Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

by on November 12, 2014

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SONS OF ANARCHY final season review

We just experienced the 10th episode of Sons of Anarchy seventh and final season, titled “Faith and Despondency.” And I have to tell you, what a wild and crazy ride this last season has taken the viewers.

Unlike the bullshit AMC pulls with the final seasons of their hit series, FX has given Sons of Anarchy fans 13 episodes, no breaks, no gimmicks, of the final season and it’s been one hell of a ride. We only have a few episodes left of this fantastic Kurt Sutter creation and it is a sad day indeed.

SOA is the only television series I look forward to watching every week. Everything else is just filler for the various nights. I’m not sure what I will do when it comes to a close.

The following will have season spoilers, so if you wait to binge watch or DVD watch or what have you, you may wish to avert your eyes!

Up until now we’ve seen the impact that Gemma’s (Katey Sagal, Kurt Sutter’s wife) brash behavior with a kitchen utensil has had on the entire criminal and decent community, not just SAMCRO.

When she first identifies a Chinese gang member as the culprit who killed Tara (Maggie Sif), to her seeing and talking to Tara in her head, it is clear that Gemma has finally snapped and is in over her head as far as keeping her various duplicities under wraps. She’s lost it.

As far as I see, Gemma is the “Walter White” of SoA!

Because she ID’d the wrong man as the fall guy for Tara’s murder, all the relationships that Jax (Charlie Hunnam) had tried to set up for SAMCRO have come apart in one way or another.

Despite his valiant efforts throughout the series to get SAMCRO back on a legitimate track, things keep pulling Jax back in to the vicious side of this life and there’s no getting around it.

This season he has quit trying to fight it and embraced the violence that the club begets and is dishing it out in buckets. But not without some steep costs.

He’s killed the wrong man for Tara’s murder, but does not know it yet. His actions got all the girls at the “cat house” killed. And as things come to a head, Jax’s dealings with various other clubs has put himself and August Marks (Billy Brown) at odds. With Marks kidnapping and eventually killing Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) after some gruesome dismemberment on the poor guy first.

Jax set up Marks and finally eliminated Marks’s people, but is he still waiting for the other shoe to drop, after having been forced to kill another gangs leader a few episodes ago.

Especially gruesome, in fact maybe the most gruesome scene ever in the series, is when Jax rips out Moses’ eye and cuts off his fingers, in retaliation for what he did to Bobby. It was sweet street justice, but dang, it was gross.

Do we even touch on Juice (Theo Rossi)? He’s trying to work his way back in to the good graces of the club, which I think will never happen. But the club is using him to get at someone in prison. Meanwhile Juice is being used as a love cushion by Tully (Marilyn Manson). Jax, rubbing it in his face, even sent Juice a “care package” of snort and Vaseline.

Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) and Jarry (Annabeth Gish) have another odd, angry bout of sex. It’s like she taunted him to anger and likes doing it. She’s messed up, in a complicated way. Cop by day, SAMCRO lover by night. Yep, that’s a conflict waiting to explode!

There’s a lot going on in all the intricacies of the relationships in the story, but none is as riveting as the Gemma/Abel/Wendy circle starts to tighten.

Wendy (Drea de Matteo) has been babysitting, with the agreement that Abel will never know who she really is. (His mother)

Meanwhile, over a period of a few episodes, Abel (Ryder Londo) has been acting out at school, acting like his old man, plus, he’s overheard Gemma in one of her self-dialogs, apologizing for killing Tara. Yep, that ain’t good.

Abel is proving he’s SAMCRO material, whether you like it or not, by stabbing himself with a fork and telling school personnel that Gemma did it. ABEL FRAMED GEMMA! Dang!

And in a moment of warmth, Jax tells Abel that Wendy is his “first mom,” before Tara. And then the SHEET hits the biggest fan ever, when Abel asks Jax while getting tucked in to bed, “So is that why grandma killed my other mommy, so my first mommy could be here with me?

Holy sheet, and suddenly everything starts to make sense. Big, bad sense!

With only three episodes left of this fantastic Shakespearean translation on wheels from Sutter, I can only imagine what is about to happen to the entire club and all their business affiliates.

Actually, I can’t. Sutter is good at keeping you guessing and off-balance about where he’s taking the story.

WHAT I HOPE for… or IMAGINE could happen, is that when all is said and done, maybe Jax and Wendy are back together or at least Wendy has the kids under her care and gets them away from the influence of the club. Start those kids fresh.

I can’t begin to imagine how all the story lines will play out, but for the first time in several seasons, just about everyone has a love interest. Could this be the foretelling of the future, that the guys all have someone to turn to when Jax or Gemma ends up destroying everything?

We’ll find out. The series finale of Sons of Anarchy is set to air on December 2, 2014 and I will presume that it will be setting network records.

Again… WAY TO GO FX in not cutting the “final season” into two seasons! THANK YOU for treating the fans with respect.

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