Sons of Anarchy – S5 First 2 Eps Review

by on September 19, 2012

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Jimmy Smits and Katey Sagal in Sons of Anarchy season 5

Whoa… in the premiere episode of Sons of Anarchy, things started going south for the gang once again. It’s been a few weeks since events from the season 4 finale but the pace doesn’t slow down for the Sons. (That and having to wait 7 days to catch an FX show on VoD really sucks. It’s putting wear and tear on my vintage VCR!)

Gemma has a new boy “toy” and it’s sad to see, considering her and Clay’s past. Though waking up in a foursome and not remembering anything from the night before seems to be pointing her to a checkered season of substance abuse. I’m hoping not… but…

Clay seems honestly regretful for his past mode of operation, though it’s clear that the damage he did with Gemma is not going to be going away any time soon. (Damn, did you see her snap when Clay touched her?)

Clay even came clean about killing Op’s dad (mostly, sort of.) at the table to the club.

Opie seems to be stewing on inside and biding his time until he gets a chance to kill Clay. I wonder if he’ll be able to trust Jax and hold out, or will the anxiety ulcers kick it over the edge?

I like how Tara has come around and looks the part of the stoic, ass-kicking “old lady” of Jax Teller. I’m liking her more and more every episode.

So as you all know, Tig tried to run over one of the Niners but instead, killed his girlfriend, who was the daughter of a huge kingpin named Pope. Wow… and the kingpin found out who killed his daughter, and does likewise to Tig, by lighting Tig’s daughter on fire, in front of him. Wow.

If you’re wondering how Tig is going to come back from this, (and remember, he did this off mis-information from Clay), the scoop is that Tig is going to be going somewhere even darker before recovering. Wow. How much darker can it get, watching your own daughter doused in gasoline and lit on fire?

The 2nd episode of the season saw the Sons take care of some business before turning themselves in for warrants that came about from “witnesses” to some deeds the boys did. But the witnesses are suspected to be drummed up by Pope.

Gemma’s new boy toy, Nero (Jimmy Smits) seems to be coming through for the Sons. After the way he helped the boys, and lose a tail that was following Jax, I’m going to like this guy! He’s mellow but is quick to take action when needed. That and he and Jax seem to have a lot in common.

Clay had a chat with Opie, letting him know he told the club what happened and asked him to sit at the table with Jax.

Jax popped the question to Tara and in an impromptu ceremony, they got hitched. Gemma gave them hers and Jax’s real dad, JT’s, rings. And then they headed out to arrange protection “on the inside” and turned themselves in.

Jax turned to Romeo to get protection on the inside, but I’m not sure he’s going to help out too much. Not sure on that one. That and the previews for next week look like it’s going to be a tough one for Jax, Tig, Chibs and Opie. (Opie stepped up and decked a cop at the arrest scene to go in with Jax.)

I have to say, this show can hit you pretty hard on different emotional fronts.

The violent nature of the beast is incredible to behold and then they have a touching matrimonial moment, tugging at emotional strings in both directions. All the while introducing Nero who looks like he will be filling a much needed void in Gemma’s life that she may have never known she needed.

Clay is lugging around his oxygen tank, a wreck, and yet, despite his coming clean with the club, is he really turning a new leaf or does he have something up his sleeve?

Frank Zito in Sons of Anarchy season five

And I can’t place them right now, but the home invasion gang who broke into Gemma’s, when they were going through the safe they took from her house, they looked familiar. Where the bloody heck have I seen them before??? Was that Frank Zito in the car? That’s a nomad turned Son, wasn’t he?

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Bruce Simmons September 26, 2012 at 7:49 am

Aaron? Seriously? I totally missed that. Thanks for that extra tidbit bud. Appreciate it.

Aaron September 26, 2012 at 7:47 am

also check out the birth certificate he is reading in the car. Jax has a brother!

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