Sons of Anarchy Season Finale Review/Recap, “I Got This,” “A Simple Mechanic”

by on December 5, 2012

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Sons of Anarchy series logoEarlier today I tossed out on one of my social media accounts my worries for Tig and/or Juice. Last week I suggested that I suspect that Jax knows what Clay is up to. Tonight, the season finale of the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy will vindicate my worries one way or the other.

The season finale episode, titled “J’ai Obtenu Cette,” opens with Tara, Gemma, Jax, Clay, Nero all in their own scenarios, looking pensive about their lives.

Bruce Note/BTW: J’ai Obtenu Cette is French for “I Got This.” That brings me back to earlier in the season, when Opie said that before being killed by a Pope sanction. Sad memory.

Jax visits Pope to “shore up the details.” Jax says he wants promises from Pope as to his intent with the club after everything is said and done. Pope tells him where to bring Tig for the kill.

It’s always someone dying.

Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy season 5 finale

Gemma tells Clay her suitcase is in the car. (In reference to his asking her to leave to Ireland with him.)

Tara gets good news about her wrist healing and Wendy shows up at Tara’s work and tells her about the speed ball Jax jacked her up with.

Jax helps out Nero with a problem and the problem is at an organized dog fight. Dog fighting is an ugly, ugly form of “entertainment” and those who partake should be put in the ring with their “pets.” But wait, as Nero and the club wrangle up Dante, Dante ends up trapped in a mini-van with a protective bull terrier. Dante gets his perfect up-commence.

THERE SHE IS: During the chase, Jax’s ghost, the homeless girl, appeared to him.
She was talking to a purple stuffed toy horse in the trash, saying “To be safe my love, always.

(Wasn’t I just asking the other week about the homeless ghost? And yes, I have an idea who/what she is. More on that later.)

Tara later tells Jax about the good prognosis of her hand and she tests him to see if he’d come clean about speed balling Wendy. He does not.

Otto is about to give recorded verbal testimony, and when asked his name, Otto bites his own tongue off. So much for verbal testimony.

Bruce OP Note: Wow… Sutter, you’re sick and entertaining. I am having a hard time deciding which right now.

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Gemma confronts Tara about “Oregon” and tells Tara she isn’t taking her family anywhere. Tara tells it like it is, Gemma threatens to tell the cops about her duplicity in bringing the cross to Otto. This isn’t good.

Jax & Tig meet Pope, Jax pulls a gun on Tig and Pope arrives and he turns him over to Pope. (I’m praying there’s a plan to all this, for Tig’s sake.) Then it happens… Jax pulls a silenced gun out of his saddlebag and takes down the crew, gives Tig the gun and let’s him kill the man who killed his daughter. May Pope rest in… well, where ever.

Bruce Tidbit: Fourteen minutes into the episode, we watch Juice put that gun in Jax’s saddlebag, back at the garage.

We segue to the Sheriff’s department where Eli gets an anonymous call about the Pope murder scene and while there, Jax calls Eli and guides him to the gun used to kill Pope. Oh, by the way, that gun Jax used was Clay’s. Common goal between Jax and Eli.

Sheriff Eli shows up at Clay’s while he’s packing to leave town… Eli: “Can you tell me where you’ve been this afternoon?”

Clay says he’s been right there, packing. But Gemma says he left for a few hours and sprinkles it up good with detail. Juice knew this was happening, and isn’t taking it too well. But this clears him with Jax.

Jax hits up Pope’s right-hand man later to explain things, and when he notes that he had motive, Jax says “I’m just a mechanic looking out for his family.

Pope’s people put a bounty out on Clay Morrow.

Tommy Flanagan and Mark Boone in Sons of Anarchy 5th season finaleBack at the shop, Bobby is NOT happy with Jax’s set up of Clay. He tells Jax he had a chance to be different.

Nero and Gemma: Nero tries to tell Gemma he’s back “in it,” pretty deep. Gemma says she knows messy and she’s in it.

Jax shows up to chat with Nero, and tries to convince him to buy “that farm” that Nero dreamed of… Nero says he’ll make a deal, Jax walks away from this life, he’ll walk away too.

At this point, Pope is dead… Clay is sitting in a holding cell, Gemma is setting up with Nero, Tara has things set up to leave Charming, Jax seems to be much closer to his goals of getting the club back to an “honest business model,” so to speak.

Bruce Op: With less than 10 minutes to go, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, and I’m not disappointed.

Jax is at home… and Tara has paperwork that sets up Wendy as the kids guardian if anything happens to both of them. She lays it out to him and tells him it’s her job to be strong when and where he can’t be. And that she’s starting her Oregon job in two weeks, taking the boys with her.

She says their kids are destined to relive all their mistakes if they stay. Then Sheriff Eli shows up to arrest Tara, for the death of the nurse that Otto killed.

Wow, Gemma actually did this to her. It seems that Jax has a new challenge plus we then see or watch Bobby at the clubhouse, cutting off his VP patch from his “cut.”

And so, the season finale for Sons of Anarchy ends the way it started, with so many characters reflecting on the day’s activities.

= = =

Reflections & Opinions on the Season Finale

This excellent fifth season finale of Sons of Anarchy did not disappoint. It left me emotionally exhausted as most club problems were resolved, some relationships were fixed, while others were torn apart and shredded.

Headed into next season, Clay will have a sanction out on him, Wendy will more than likely be around, Gemma will be watching out over Jax’s boys. And I have no clue how Tara’s situation will be resolved, but if she gets out, Gemma needs to sleep with one eye open.

Donal Logue in Sons of AnarchyPope’s people probably aren’t going away and Mr. “Can you hear my voice,” Lee Toric, the overly-violent ex lawman, is more than likely, one of the problems next season, since his issues weren’t resolved, as far as I can tell.

And will the Irish be gunning for Clay’s duplicitous set up? Who knows.

Plus.. as sad of a development as this seems, Clay and Tara now have a common enemy: Gemma. Will Sutter do something with that since she was key in both their downfalls?

With Pope dead, does this also destroy the Mayor’s development in Charming, since Pope was an investor?

And if Tara manages to figure out how to get out from under Gemma’s lies, will this impact Gemma’s lie that puts Clay in prison?

There are a few things that will need to be addressed in season six, and who knows what else that Sutter’s sick and twisted entertainment mind can think up!

= = =

I love the message that Sutter sent with the dog fight. The visual of the dead dogs just tossed in the trash can shows the depth of low these things go. And then to have the fight organizer being attacked by the very animals he abused. Thank you for that Kurt Sutter!

Oh, and Tig rescued one of the fighting bull terriers. That’s so cool. He seems in love again.

But what I do know though, is that Jax’s ghost of a homeless girl finally showed up this season.

Who’s The Homeless Girl in Sons of Anarchy?

This homeless girl, played by Olivia Burnette, has shown herself to Gemma and Jax in Charming, to Jax in Ireland and now, back in the city outside a dog fighting ring. She’s a herald of warning to mom or son morrow.

She’s a mythical point, as Sutter puts it, and…

She is who she is and she represents what she represents and thats really all Ill say.

Gads, that Sutter guy drives me crazy in between some solid entertainment. But he’s noted that they may work this figure into future episodes.

What do you think? The ghost of a sister Jax never had or met? Or a guardian angel sending messages to Jax and Gemma?

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Bruce Simmons December 6, 2012 at 9:05 am

Lee, I was thinking that when she snooped on NERO and JAX talking in the brothel, that’s when she snapped into action and in that last scene with GEMMA standing behind JAX, the paperwork TARA had brought, looked to have been torn in half by JAX.

(I caught that the third time around watching it… yes, I’m obsessed! What of it!?)

Lee Anderson December 6, 2012 at 9:00 am

I think the papers tara signed without reading may have been gotten to by Gemma. She may have payed to have herself put as guardian of the boys.

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