Sons of Anarchy “Toad’s Wild Ride” – Clay Slides, Gemma Does Stupid

by on October 24, 2012

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Jimmy Smits, Kim Coates, Charlie Hunnam and Joel McHale in Sons of Anarchy - Toad's Wild Ride

This episode of Sons of Anarchy, titled “Toad’s Wild Ride,” had much for the fans this week. And the episode ended with quite the fender bang!

First up is Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) one-night stand ends up stealing her stuff, but as we saw, that didn’t work out too well for the car-jacker. It seems this was his thing… take the girl out, then steal her stuff in the morning. Bad woman to play that game on bud! Gemma called Nero (Jimmy Smits) who told Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and he brought the gang with him.

Yea, by the end of the episode, it didn’t turn out too well for the car-jacker at all.

Much of the episode revolved around the home invaders and the details about that gang come to light in this episode.

Turns out that Clay (Ron Perlman) made a deal with the three nomads to wreak some havoc around town to bring heat on the club and get Jax dethroned, returning Clay to the head of the table. In return for their services, they get a percentage of Clays action from the club.

But after the nomads screwed up and killed the Sheriff’s wife, things started spiraling out of control for the gang-let.

The nomad gang started noticing that the retired cop, Unser (Dayton Callie), was getting on to their operation. And it was only a hunch, but he was right.

Clay and the nomads make a plan to kill Unser but then Clay did what Clay does. He eliminated the real threat. He sends two of the nomads to kill Unser, but he’s in visiting with Unser and when the nomads come a’ calling, Clay helps Unser kill the trailer invaders.

On the outside looking in, was Juice (Theo Rossi). And he’s seen enough that it seems he’s catching on to Clay’s scheming ways.

Jax comes to visit Clay to tell him he knows about Clay’s scheming, but Clay says it’s Pope (Harold Perrineau). But you can see that Jax’s BS detector is going off big time.

In a show of faith, Jax, at Nero’s suggestion, is giving his mother the benefit of the doubt. Part of that process is trusting Gemma with Jax and Tara’s (Maggie Siff) kids while they go out of town.

But as the episode ends, we hear this music and the scenes are changing quickly, and you start wondering what’s going to go wrong.

Jax and Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) get shot at by a van with two guys in it. Jax takes one down and it looks like a Niner. (Unless this is some ‘Plan B’ by clay. I wouldn’t be surprised)

But Gemma, high on pot, is driving the kids home and falls asleep at the wheel and she wrecks. We’re left hearing the baby crying and what looks like a tree branch having skewered the older son.

This scene freaked this fan out! And now, I’m frantically looking for the next episode of Sons of Anarchy.


I don’t know if you watched the preview clip for next week, but every scene with Jax, he was pretty calm, and there were no teasers about the health of his kids.

Great episode where we watch what looks like Gemma just hit about as bottom as she can get with the car accident.

Juice could start becoming a key to the undoing of Clay, if this pans out in the right direction.

Jax finally figured things out, but this pushed Clay into a new realm of crafty. But Frankie (the third nomad) is still out there on the loose. Tara is up at the cabin, with Tig watching over her and we’re left with the core of the group scattered about in different places.

Another great and riveting episode of Sons of Anarchy. Full of energy, non-stop tension and well executed delivery.

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