Sons of Anarchy: What Was Opies Funeral Song?

by on October 6, 2012

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Sons of Anarchy Ryan Hurst as Opie (what was Opie's funeral song)Last week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy involved some fallout from the police raid on Nero’s place, a new business agreement between the club and Nero, and Opie’s (Ryan Hurst) funeral. And a beautiful song of memorial for Opie’s funeral. (You can see my SOA episode recap here)

Who’d a thunk a biker’s funeral in Sons of Anarchy could elicit such emotions as what I’ve seen online? It’s amazing how his passing has galvanized the fans. And show creator Kurt Sutter has indicated that his passing is designed to galvanize Jax into some definitive action down the road.

Throughout the episode we saw as the news was spread out amongst family and friends and the impact his passing had on them. (And us, the viewers!)

In the mean time, the song that played while we watched everyone paying their respects to Opie, was something that hit home with me, and I’m sure with many a fan viewing the episode.

I had rewound the episode, pulled out my smartphone and cranked up an app I have called “Sound Hound.” Sound Hound listens to what you point it at and tells you what you’re hearing at that moment. It’s pretty cool and works about 90% of the time, depending on the ambient environment around the song.

But to the point, the song that was playing during Opies funeral is called The Lost Boy, by Greg Holden.

If interested, I found it on Amazon: (The Lost Boy – Single)

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