SONS OF ANARCHY – Where Can The Cast Be Seen Next?

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Sons of Anarchy cast where are they now

Now that Sons of Anarchy is done with, I started wondering just where everyone will be headed after this epic curtain call? Let’s take a peek and find out. To be honest, it is a bit hard to image these guys without their “cuts” on. But I’ve seen Kim Coates in a Syfy channel movie, but for all of five, maybe ten minutes screen time. And we saw Ron Perlman and Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim.  And they delivered. But still…

So looking around on IMDb and other resources…

Kurt Sutter (Show runner, Otto) is working on a screenplay for something that is already in post-production, called Southpaw and he’s working on a TV movie titled The Bastard Executioner.

Southpaw is about “A boxer fights his way to the top, only to find his life falling apart around him.” and stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams.


Charlie Hunnam (Jax) has one film in post-production titled Crimson Peak, a film from Guillermo del Toro, due out in October of 2015.

The Mountain Between Us and Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur are in pre-production.

I guess Hunnam liked working with del Toro on Pacific Rim, so that should be a good match up, plus his playing King Arthur should not be much more of a stretch from SOA, except without the “cuts!”


Mark Boone Junior (Bobby) is BUSY!

Six Gun Dead (pre-production) where Boone works with Lindsay Lohan, Eric Roberts and others. This is a horror film, but you might have gueessed that just with Lohan in the cast!

Other Boone projects include…

Django Lives! (filming)
The Fencestitute (Short) (post-production)
By the Rivers of Babylon (post-production)
American Romance (post-production)
Casual Encounters (post-production)

White Widow (post-production)

Wow… If rumors are true all around the board, Boone hooks back up with Tommy Flanagan for this one.


Katey Sagal (Gemma) is the voice on A to Z, and we’ve heard on on TV commercial voice overs.  She is also working on

The Bastard Executioner (TV Movie) (pre-production)
Bleed for This (filming)
Pitch Perfect 2 (post-production)


Kim Coates (Tig) At the moment I do not see anything lined up for him.

What I WOULD LOVE TO SEE is a cameo from Coates on Justified where he and Walton Groggins would run into each other in a quick happenstance scene and one of them says, “Have we met somewhere before?,” then move on!


Tommy Flanagan (Chibs)

Light Wounds (pre-production)
Wild for the Night (filming)
The Jesuit (post-production)
White Widow (post-production)

Not to mention he will be showing up in ABC’s Revenge later in this 2014-15 TV season in what I believe to be a recurring role.


Theo Rossi (Juice) will be seen in Bad Hurt, which is post-production right now.


Dayton Callie (Wayne Unser) has a rumor that you can catch him in Abattoir.


Maggie Siff (Tara) is filming a project right now, titled The Fifth Wave, working alongside Chloë Grace Moretz, and Liev Schreiber.


Ron Perlman (Clay) has been out of the show for a season but dang is this man busy! (KEEP an eye out for him in an upcoming episode of NBC’s The Blacklist in 2015! Ep # 2.9. That is one of the better shows on TV right now, now that Sons of gone. Hey, did you know that The Blacklist is moving to a new night?)

Peter Panzerfaust (TV Series) (announced)
Hellboy 3 (announced)
Sara’s Cell (pre-production)
Robodog (filming)
Dermaphoria (post-production)
The Jesuit (post-production)
Moonwalkers (post-production)
Stonewall (post-production)
Poker Night (completed)


Ryan Hurst (Opie) had a role on King & Maxwell, but that show is done. (BTW, I watched it for quite a few episodes and he did such a superb job of being a different kind of character that I did not recognize Ryan for a few episodes. It was awesome when I discovered it was him!)


William Lucking (Piney) did a few appearances in Murder in the First, but nothing for 2015 yet.


Michael Ornsetin (Chucky aka Fingers!) is in a flick called Medicine Men coming out in 2015.


Jimmy Smits (Nero) does not have any major projects coming up. That’s a shame… but we need to see him in more biker gang action. Heck, maybe he’ll be in the SoA prequel.  (Oops, did I just say that?)


Niko Nicotera (Ratboy) does not have any future projects yet.


Drea de Matteo (Wendy), whose first name is pronounced “Dray,” has two projects in the pipe:

2015 Sex, Death and Bowling (post-production)
2015 Dark Places (completed)

And during her “tenure” on SoA, she landed a recurring role on ABC’s Desperate Housewives in 2010 as an Agent Bolen.

I loved Wendy’s story arc, going from abused drug addict to getting her sheet together and returning as a sober and responsible woman who finally got what she deserved.


Emilio Rivera (Marcus)

I really liked this down-to-earth character of Marcus that he played. And he has been working hard at getting work!

Purgatory (announced)
Bluegrass Run (pre-production)
2015 Wild for the Night (filming)
2015 Hitman: Agent 47 (post-production)
2015 Time in Between (post-production)
2015 Fade Away (post-production)
2015 Mercy for Angels


CCH Pounder (DA Tyne Patterson).  HOLY CRAP.. she played a role as law enforcement and did not get killed off by SAMCRO!

You can catch her on NCIS: New Orleans over on CBS.


Billy Brown (Marks) can be caught over on How to Get Away With Murder. Prior to SoA, he held recurring roles on Hostages, The Following and Dexter.


Mitch Pilleggi (Ernest Darby) went on to hold a role in the new new Dallas TV series. Nothing else is noted on the horizon for him.


Here are some of the ill-fated players from previous seasons:

Rockmund Dunbar (Eli Roosevelt) had a recurring role on The Mentalist and has or had two projects this year titled Busted and Curve Ball.


Ally Walker (Agent June Stahl)  went on to parts in The Protector and Taxi Brooklyn.


Danny Trejo (Romero ‘Romeo’ Parada) IS A BUSY MAN. I’ve once read where he totally appreciates his life and loves working. OMG, look at this list since he left SoA! It’s exhausting just putting it together!

This is what Trejo will be doing and has done since his appearance on Sons of Anarchy:

Ambition (announced)
2016 179th Street (pre-production)
2015 Mohawk Salon: A Psycho Thriller (pre-production)
2015 Shadow Hill (pre-production)
2015 Welcome to Purgatory (pre-production) (rumored)
2014 What Would Trejo Do? (TV Movie) (pre-production)
2015 Cyborg X (post-production)
2015 Juarez 2045 (post-production)
2015 A Horse Story (post-production)
2015 McDick (post-production)
2015 Pure Love (post-production)
2014 Beyond the Game (post-production)
2014 The Prey (post-production)
2014 Snapshot (post-production)
2012 No Way Out (post-production)
2015 Bad Ass 3 (completed)
2015 Mucho Dinero (completed)
2015 VANish (completed)
2015 Boost (completed)
2014 The Night Crew (completed)
2015 Hope Lost
2015 L.A. Slasher
2015 The Burning Dead
2014 Reach Me
2014 Strike One
2014 Reaper
2014 The Book of Life
2014 Get Lost (TV Series)
2014 Preggoland
2014 Throwdown
2014 Scooby-Doo! Ghastly Goals (Video short)
2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV Series)
2014 Saint George (TV Series)
2014 In the Blood
2014 Muppets Most Wanted
2014 20 Ft Below: The Darkness Descending
2014 NCIS: Los Angeles (TV Series)
2014 Bullet
2014 Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses (Video)
2014 Voodoo Possession
2013 TripTank (TV Series)
2013 Force of Execution
2013 Kuryer iz ‘Raya’
2013 Pendejo (Idiot)
2013 ETC: Machinima (TV Series)
2013 Dream Date (Short)
2013 Dead in Tombstone (Video)
2013 Machete Kills
2013 Chavez Cage of Glory
2013 The Contractor
2013 Enrique Iglesias ft. Romeo Santos: Loco (Video short)
2013 Phineas and Ferb (TV Series)
2013 Five Thirteen
2013 Zombie Hunter
2013 Amelia’s 25th
2013 The Cloth
2013 Maron (TV Series)
2013 The Insomniac
2013 (Short)
2013 Bilet na Vegas
2013 Counterpunch
2012 Alcatraz Prison Escape: Deathbed Confession
2012 Bro’
2012 Mango Bajito


Timothy V. Murphy (Galen) seems to be in demand too…

2014 When the Storm God Rides (pre-production)
2015 No Way to Live (filming)
2014 Heaven’s Floor (post-production)
2014 Hot Bath an’ a Stiff Drink (post-production)
2013 New Earth on the Barrens (Short) (post-production)
2015 Grace and Frankie (TV Series) (completed)
2015 True Detective (TV Series)
2014 Digital Screener Short Keyhole (Short)
2014 Looms (Short)
2014 Hawaii Five-0 (TV Series)
2014 Perception (TV Series)
2014 Like a Cowboy (Video short)
2014 Road to Paloma

I personally like him in those car ads about zombie fighting.


Harold Perrineau (Damon Pope) is seemingly in demand and being a busy bee:

2016 The Best Man Wedding (announced)
2014 The Dancing Bull (announced)
2015 Without Ward (post-production)
2013 The Championship Rounds (Short) (completed)
2014-2015 Constantine (TV Series)
2014 Newsreaders (TV Series)
2014 Z Nation (TV Series)
2014 Sabotage
2014 Growing Up Fisher (TV Series)
2014 HitRECord on TV (TV Series) (segment “The Edge of   2013 The Best Man Holiday
2013 Sexy Evil Genius (Video)
2013 Go for Sisters
2013 Snitch
2013 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series)
2012-2013 Wedding Band (TV Series)


Donal Logue‘s character (Lee Toric) was something memorable, that’s for sure. Since playing the ill-focused Toric, he’s been and will be on or in:

2015 We Only Know So Much (filming)
2015 The Intruders (post-production)
2014-2015 Gotham (TV Series)
2014 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series)
2013-2014 Vikings (TV Series)
2013 CBGB


= = =

Honorable mentions and SAMCRO trivia:

Remember the nurse who ended up sympathizing with Tara, Margaret? She was played by McNally Sagal. Yes… she is. She’s Katey’s sister-in-law.

Another tidbit: Series writer Liz Sagal, who contributed to 11 episodes, is Katey’s younger sister.

Remember that big guy who shadowed around behind Jax a lot in the last few seasons? Quinn, played by Rusty Coones. This is his only acting gig in his resume on IMDb. But he is the founder and lead guitar of Attika7. So there’s that.

Abel, was played by the Londo brothers, Evan and Ryder. Evan appeared in Mad Men as Gene Draper, with no future gigs noted. While Ryder, who also played Gene Draper, will have a bit part in an upcoming movie being put together by Warren Beatty.

Did you know that Peter Weller (Barosky) directed 11 episodes of SOA? (No upcoming projects for Weller is noted at this time.)


And for the most important character from Sons of Anarchy, that mystical homeless woman!

Turns out that Olivia Burnette does not have any plans for future gigs yet, but has been on past projects like

The Closer,

and other titles, but in one-up roles. She played quite the memorable part in this show, despite being in only 11 episodes, with just seconds at a time in her appearance. But boy were those appearances impactful!

Oh, and a comment left on this site, by Steve O., had a mild touch of brilliance with what he suggested about her appearances:

Could she be the woman who holds the hour glass while standing in front of the Grim Reaper? I have seen various pieces of art work with this woman. When she gave Jax the cloak she stated it was time. Jax is a reaper, is he not?

See, brilliant, right? (The highlighted link a few lines up points to an article where I found Kurt Sutter “explaining” this character.)


Marilyn Manson (Tully)

Manson may not have a huge acting resume before SoA (Once Upon a Time, Eastbound & Down…) but I was surprised to see how many entertainment venues he has contributed music to.

The Following,
Warehouse 13,
So You Think You Can Dance,
Stargate Atlantis,

Wait? Burlesque?

Any way, I think you get the idea, in as how Manson has contributed to just shy of 80 different production titles.



So who appeared in the most episodes of Sons of Anarchy?

According to IMDsb it is a toss up between five cast members who each clocked in with 95 episodes.  Those being…

Charlie Hunnam – ‘Jax’
Mark Boone Junior – Bobby
Katey Sagal – Gemma
Kim Coates – ‘Tig’
Tommy Flanagan – ‘Chibs’

Close contenders, per IMDb included…

Theo Rossi – ‘Juice’ (93 episodes)
Dayton Callie – Unser (88 episodes)
Maggie Siff – Tara (83 episodes)
Ron Perlman – ‘Clay’ (79 episodes)
David Labrava – Happy (71 episodes)

But do not mistake longevity for importance in Sons of Anarchy. Sometimes the shorter lasting roles were pretty important too, including cops that came and “went,” and others, like

Ryan Hurst – Opie (54 eps),
Jimmy Smits – Nero (38),
Drea de Matteo – Wendy (35),


And that’s all I have… this was a huge piece and there was so much more I could have covered, but I wanted to get this out before we forgot about the show!

And I bid a fond farewell to the creative vehicle from Kurt Sutter, whose ingenious interpretation of Hamlet led many down this criminal biker’s path of drama and intrigue. It was one of those gems that is rare for television and it was twice as rare in how FX let him have run of the series and how long each episode ran. Who thought that a gun and drug running criminal gang could be so damn entertaining.

Now, with Sons of Anarchy off the air, there’s very little I look forward to on TV. The Blacklist starring James Spader is probably the closest thing to twisted decent drama on TV so if you haven’t seen that, well, play catch up on it and watch from the beginning so everything now makes sense. It’s about an international criminal who willingly turns himself into the FBI. but upon certain conditions, provides names from a list of his, to help the FBI catch these other international criminals. But there’s a twist. He gets out and gets to help and there is a curious connection between him and one of the FBI agents we have yet to learn fully about.

So for now, I guess we wait for the next Kurt Sutter project. And that, I will be looking up and into and will get back to you soon on! Chat with ya all later gang.

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