Sons of Anarchy’s Ryan Hurst Joins A New Series

by on October 17, 2012

in Entertainment

Ryan Hurst lands new role in TNT seriesFor fans of Ryan Hurst, the actor who played Opie in Sons of Anarchy, there’s some great news on the horizon for all involved.

Ryan Hurst will be joining the the cast of a new TNT series/pilot titled King & Maxwell.

The show is about two ex-secret service agents turned private eyes, and Hurst plays a suspected serial killer, who is in prison. Hurst’s character name is Edgar and Edgar is a high functioning savant. His state of mind gives him the ability to see patterns and numerical sequences better than most humans.

He has a relationship with one of the private eyes and helps them break a case.

Ryan Hurst also just wrapped filming of the project called CBGB.

I WILL be tuning to to watch Opie… I mean Ryan Hurst. He endeared himself to many fans with his role from Sons of Anarchy and made him a very likable biker gang member.


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