Speeding Up Your ‘Droid X’ Camera Shutter [A Consumer Product Review]

by on April 30, 2011

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Motorola Droid XI’ve been playing with my new Motorola Droid X, running on the Verizon Wireless service for a few months now.  It has a wonderful set of features that offset my cringing about the cost of the thing.  Plus, it is a business expense as part of running my website.

One of the features this consumer has come to use a lot more from my smartphone than I thought I would was the camera.  If you’ve played with the options available, it is a bit surprising how many features and options the camera has.

One of my favorite features on this Motorola Droid is the automatic panning that you can do to capture a panoramic image.  It works pretty good actually. Not perfect in some settings, but not bad in others. (small example image after the break)

The other feature I’ve found that I enjoy from this smartphone is the face recognition mode.  As folks like to take pictures of themselves, it can be a trick to hold the camera and take a pic.  But with the face recognition feature activated, as you hold your camera up and face yourself with the lens, as soon as it recognizes that it has a face in its focus pane, it focuses and automatically takes the picture.

Zing!  That’s a cool feature.


There has been one thing I’ve not been a fan of and that’s how long the damn thing takes to take a picture!

I aim the camera, it does the focus, takes a moment, then clicks it.  This shutter activation lag is a bit disconcerting and rules out my “phone” for taking action pics.  Or so I thought.

Droid X panoramic-downtown San Francisco

Earlier this week I was tooling around with the features and options of my Motorola Droid X and decided to play around and for some reason, I turned off the “shutter animation” that goes off every time I take a picture.

That’s Better!

It’s not perfect and face it, it’s not a camera, it’s a smartphone with a camera.  But once I removed the silly shutter animation, the amount of time the phone takes to snap a picture is at least now twice as fast, maybe even faster.

Hence, if you don’t like how long it takes for your Droid X smartphone to take a picture, and you have that cutesy shutter animation going off, turn it off and see what happens!


  1. I start my smartphone’s camera,
  2. Hit the menu button,
  3. Choose ‘Settings’,
  4. Scroll down to ‘Shutter Animation’

That’s where the damage or what not can be done.

Enjoy!  I hope this helped!

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