Spider-Man Joins Marvel’s Future Foundation, Formerly Fantastic Four

by on February 10, 2011

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'Future Foundation' with Spider-Man formerly the Fantastic FourSpider-Man is everywhere these days.  He’s in an accident-strewn Broadway musical, he’s coming out in a new Marc Webb directed movie with a new look, and now, Spider-Man is part of a new team in the medium of which he was born, the comic book medium.

On Wednesday Marvel Comics announced that Spider-Man will be joining team formerly known as the Fantastic Four, taking the place of the deceased Johnny Storm aka Human Torch.

The new team will sport new uniforms and a new name, calling themselves the Future Foundation. & the initials for the team remain the same!  FF.

With Spider-Man joining Foundation Foundation, this is the ultimate, long-term title cross-over joining two legendary titles, or sets of characters and bringing them under not only one roof / title, but for all intent purposes, starting a new franchise title.

How Will Foundation Force Fare?

There are different ways to look at this combining of the classic, iconic marvel characters.  Spider-Man has had a movie foundation for some time and that new movie franchise is getting a reboot with Marc Webb directing, and Andrew Garfield starring as Peter Parker.

Though the Fantastic Four movies brought that franchise to life, they were a touch less fulfilling than the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies.

None-the-less, the reception of this newly formed team has fans revved up, in one way or another.

One perspective is that since Spider-Man and Human Torch were friends, this was a shoe-in.  In addition, Peter Parker adds to the scientific depth of the team.

Then there’s the, “enough already” perspective, referring to how the  Spider-Man franchise can feel like it is everywhere these days.  Yet, with writer Jonathan Hickman behind the new title, there’s a lot of faith that he can bring a great new perspective that can ignite fans behind it.  He’s known for his originality in delivering stories.

This Future Foundation team from Marvel, with its new uniforms and such, could be fun, no matter how you look at it.  Future Foundation #1 issue comes out in March.  Now the biggest question of them all is if the new looks stay or how fans will accept them.  We’ll see.

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