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Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q in Stalker, a review

Stalker is an interesting show. It’s a police procedural based on cases of people who stalk folks. The show opens with a woman being confronted by her stalker, but he ends up killing her. (With a rather implausible exploding car and a lot of fire). The death sets the tone of the show.

And the stalker continues on his missions while the police team comes together.

Maggie Q plays the damaged Lt. Beth Davis and Dylan McDermott plays troubled Det. Jack Larsen.

At first the show started a little off-balance. Lt. Davis walks around with her blouse half opened and Det Larsen bites the bait, and ticks her off.

But as the story of the series premiere develops, the writing is fairly decent, the characters solid with great quirks and flaws each, and the “unsub” identity doesn’t stand right out in the front half of the episode.

The blouse thing with David confused me at first, as it had me thinking it was a cheap programming ploy for the sex appeal ratings for the show, but it became clear that this was more than met the eye, as it became a tension point in the plot between Davis and Larsen.

Each cop has their own set of issues they’re dealing with, adding to their already installed set of flaws, which are rather fascinating. And it seems, that Lt. Davis is willing to work outside the law in some respects.

Right now, it’s a story with some curious character depth and there seems to be potential for the rest of the season for these characters to go either way… to get darker or lighten up. One thing I know is that Larsen is one whacky oddball of a human.

We’ll see if they can carry the story through the season, keeping it fresh and enticing for Stalker.

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