Star Wars 7: Are We Having Fun Watching The Dart Board?

by on November 30, 2012

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Star Wars Episode 7 movie newsWith the advent of Disney buying LucasFilm, AKA, Star Wars, they immediately announced their plans for Star Wars VII and a multitude of subsequent films.

It seems to be an incredible bit of luck for Star Wars fans, that new movies in the franchise will be coming our way. The “first” six movies have been getting stretched pretty thin over the years. So new material will more than likely be a welcome addition to the franchise. And I’m pretty sure it will be.

Heck, I just learned how younglings (Jedi in training) assemble their Light Sabers and how their own use of the force, powers their sabers. So new stuff is cool, when done right. (This, via Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network.)

And when the news broke, everybody but their mother charged into the realm of wild conjecture-ville, like a bad Facebook game. Heck, I even thought I saw a clue/puzzle piece to who could helm the new Star Wars project. An old article talked about Disney hiring a few guys for a huge, secret, tentpole movie.

I don’t think my hunch is going to pan out… but wow, everyone is chiming in with ideas on who the next director will be. It’s like watching a mass of competitors lobbing darts at a target and hoping they’re the ones that hit.

If anything, it’s making fantastic material for quite a few websites. (It’s always good for a website to cover something often. So this is good stuff from that perspective.)

Me… I’m sitting back and waiting. My time is precious, so I’m not piling on with the guesses. There are dozens of potential directors and what not. And it’s crazy watching all the conjectures going on. I’m sure someone hit it on the nose. Some by educated guesses, some by wild luck maybe.

I was hoping for wild luck on my guess, but it doesn’t look like Brad Bird is directing, so I’m out of the pool!

So I’m going to bide my time and wait. Because answers will always come to the patient and time, as in all matters, will be the telling factor.

Any how, that’s my 2 cents for the moment until actual news pops out from Disney about Star Wars, Episode VII.

Psst: I left out but have not forgotten how everyone is reporting on just how many actors want in on the Star Wars gravy train. To be honest, that’s kind of a “duh,” because frankly who doesn’t want a paying gig with a franchise of this caliber, with a studio of that power? Just saying.

(This is actually a great lesson for newbie web site owners trying to understand what it takes to gain traction on the web. That lesson being that if you’re patient enough to chat about the hugely obvious, go for it. It’s like this one indie film fan website that over quotes himself about how wonderful everything he writes about, is. They’re all soundbite quotes… but sooner or later someone bites and reprints the noise. Hell, I’ve been accidentally quoted, and moments like that are cool.)

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