Star Wars: Episode VII Writer Announced, Deflating Half My Prediction

by on November 9, 2012

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Star Wars Episode 7 movie news

After Disney bought LucasFilm and announced there will be three more Star Wars movies coming soon. After that announcement I took note of an article that about a mystery super-project at Disney back in May.

Back in May there was news about a huge secret Disney tent-pole project with multi-platform aspirations. This project was supposed to commence production in 2013. (Like the new Star Wars film) Names attached to that project were Brad Bird (director) and Damon Lindelof (script writer).

That was then (last week).

Now news on the street is that Michael Arndt will be writing the script for Star Wars: Episode VII.

At first, the info hitting the webs was that Arndt was working on a treatment for the new movie. That’s an outline of sorts. Today (11/9/12) LucasFilm reported that Arndt is indeed writing the script for the next episode of the franchise.

In case you don’t follow your directors or writers of the movie world, Michael has penned such hits as Toy Story 3 & Little Miss Sunshine. He also penned the script for the upcoming movie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

This news deflates half my theory of who the creative team is behind the new Star Wars film… More than likely, my entire conjecture is wrong but just in case, that leaves Brad Bird as a director to be announced.

Bummer… It would have been cool to have made an early prediction. …That was right. (I just saw news on this other project that popped up… which seems to completely deflate my prediction.)

Back on Track

If you don’t want to be spoiled by the potential upcoming film story, go away… SPOILER

In regards to the Arndt script, it’s been reported that Arndt’s treatment will do the obvious, and continue the saga of the franchise, with new heroes and bringing the story of the twins (Skywalker/Organa) to a close.

The THR article says Brad Bird could be the Star Wars: Episode VII director, but then say he’s attached to another secret project. (Cripes!)


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