STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS episode ‘The Zillo Beast Strikes Back’

by on April 12, 2010

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Star Wars The Clone Wars - The Zillo Beast

Managing to sustain the creature’s unbridled fury before it can completely ravage its home planet, the Jedi are ordered to transport the tenuously subdued Zillo Beast to Coruscant for scientific study. An indestructible monster of indescribable power on the galaxy’s most densely populated planet – what’s the worst that can happen? Find out when “The Zillo Beast Strikes Back” in an all-new episode of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT Friday, April 16 on Cartoon Network.

One of the largest CG-models ever created for The Clone Wars, the Zillo Beast cuts an intimidating first impression by virtue of its sheer size. But daunting though it may be from a physical perspective, the Zillo’s true terror comes not from its corporeal enormity alone; its instantly iconic sound design complements the creature’s features by giving the giant beast just the right mix of power, personality and pain.

“There was a lot of trial and error getting there,” says Dave Acord, sound editor on The Clone Wars and creator of the Zillo’s distinctive cry. “I tried a number of animals, musical instruments, cars – but ultimately, the Zillo roar is 75% horse. Pitched down, of course, and boomed. The other 25% is varying combinations of bobcat and lion, mostly for the growls and some of the heavier bellows. The complexity of the horse whinny seemed to have the right appeal in terms of expression and otherworldliness. At times, the roar can sound terrible and menacing. Other times, you can hear the pain in his voice. The Zillo has a lot of character, and we’ve tried to match that with our sound design.”

Star Wars The Clone Wars - The Zillo Beast strikes back

Check out this preview from Cinema Static’s YouTube Channel:

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