STARBUCKS on Santa Cruz in Menlo Park is Temporarily Closed

by on June 16, 2015

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Starbucks in Menlo Park is Temporarily Closed

To any consumers who visit the Starbucks on Santa Cruz Ave, in downtown Menlo Park, CA., you might want to look up when you walk into the coffee store. The place is temporarily closed until Wednesday, Jun 26th.

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My suspicion is that they’re adding the alcoholic dispensing systems and took advantage of adding that gear, to give themselves a make-over.

The reason I suggested that you look up is that this morning I was lollygagging around for about ten minutes waiting for Walgreen’s to open. While I was standing around, I watched four different people walk past this sign in the pic, to “bonk” into the entrance that is covered in plastic sheet while people are on ladders and power tools sounding off. Others were zoning out, parking in or by the store, going through their entire routine… getting the dog out, pouring out yesterday’s coffee in the trash can in front of the sign, etc., and getting ready to set up at one of the tables that is not there. Then they looked a little shocked when they saw the sign.

I’m not trying to be mean, but that is exactly what happened this morning way too many times.

I once read that people don’t see anything past what they can hold in their hand. And by gads, this morning scared me, while reminding me of that very phrase! Nine out of the ten folks only had to look up to see what was going on before troubling themselves with routines that went nowhere this morning. Sure, I do get habit and routine. I’m a victim of it too. And sure, I could have said something, but it was sort of fun watching the confusion. Plus I needed some stats to quote before I could scribble this warning out. (I’m kind of evil that way.)

Any way, heads up, Starbucks on Santa Cruz is closed until June 26th, 2015.

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