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by on February 22, 2012

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Starbucks Via Instant CoffeeStarbucks Via: A Consumer Product Review and Observation

Over Christmas, someone gave me some Starbucks Via coffee packs. (Thanks Janice!) Up until then, I had not tried this variation of Starbucks coffee.

I like the easy, quick way one can create their own coffee drink from these little packs by just pouring it into a cup and adding hot water.

And as far as pricing goes, it pans out O.K.. The packs I personally bought were $10 for 12 individual packs of coffee.

It’s a wee bit cheaper than hitting up the Starbucks location every morning, but the coffee is a bit weaker. But it’s better than the coffee provided at work, and being a bit weaker, it’s less acidic. That’s important to folks with sensitive stomachs but are still addicted to caffeine.

Interesting Observations

In the stand-alone stores, you get 6, 10 or 12 pack packages.

In the grocery stores, they’ve been offering 8-count packs, but for more than the 10-packs sell for.


Beware in the grocery store. I’ve been seeing packs with their seal tape broken and instead of 8 individual packs in the package, there’s only a few packs because some cheap, sad statement of humanity has to steal their coffee.


Before snagging the 8-count packs in the grocery store, IF there’s a Starbucks inside the store, go check their Via prices. I’ve found that in my store, though the 8-count packs were available, the 10 or 12 count packs in the inside Starbucks was cheaper.

So shop smartly if you need to!

My Opinion

For instant coffee, Via is not a bad stand-in for the real thing and is an awesome replacement for work-provided coffee!

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