‘Stargate’ Fans To Unite Worldwide In ReWatching All The Series

by on May 15, 2011

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This falls under if Stargate fans have the time:

Gateworld, the renown website that copiously tracks everything Stargate, has introduced an interesting idea for all Stargate fans to participate in a rewatching of all of the series.  This rewatch campaign will be starting with Stargate SG-1 and then working their way through Stargate Atlantis and then finish up your watching marathon with the recently ended Stargate Universe.

GateWorld wants to start this worldwide Stargate fan marathon to start on August 1st and crank out five episodes per week.  Regardless of if you watch one per day or five per weekend day.

What they want you to consider is that this is a “worldwide community event.”

What they ask of you and I is that on Twitter, use the hashtag #SGRewatch when you post about it.  They also asked that we post reviews of your favorite episodes on your blogs.  (Or you most hated episodes.)

They’ll also be starting discussion threads for each episode over on the site.  Remember, the goal is to rewatch all 354 episodes of Stargate together as a whole.

For many more details, go check out Gateworld.

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