Stargate Universe – A Look At The First Episode

by on October 3, 2009

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First impressions:  Stargate Universe premiered to some hype that wasn’t fulfilled.  it was dark but lacking in the energy I needed to get completely into it.  The acting wasn’t fine, but the music was ill-chosen.

My dedication to the long running franchise kept me riveted.

I don’t think tonight’s episode was a stellar hit, but it delivered an interesting situation.

that will have me coming back for more… if anything, just to see if things improve or I get more involved with the characters than I did tonight.

The premiere used a sort of present-tense, flashback style story telling technique much like Lost does.  After the event that forces everyone into their predicament, we then are treated to the people adapting to the situation they’re in, and it’s not pretty.

The ship itself (The Destiny) needs more duct tape than my truck does!

Brad Wright and Robert Cooper try to pull us into the dark and desperate atmosphere the survivors are in with music and mood very reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica and techniques we’ve seen in other shows.

They’ve definitely looked to make this different from the rest of the franchise.  It’s Lost in Space, with a surprising steamy sex scene and some death.  I also understand that there will be some upcoming interesting sexuality issues.

The roles that stood out to me were Dr Rush (Robert Carlyle), and Eli Wallace (David Blue).  I really do not like Rush, and I found Wallace someone whom I may actually care about as he learns and discovers things through this journey through space.

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