Stargate Universe Cancellation Was News To Cast?

by on December 16, 2010

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Stargate Universe - Resurgence 02 - Robert CarlyleEven Robert Carlyle looks miffed!

I thought I was surprised when I heard about Stargate Universe getting canceled by the Syfy Channel this afternoon just after lunch.  I presumed I was late to the news but it seems that even I heard about it before the cast themselves, at least if that’s what I can believe from the tweet of David Blue!

It seems that the cancel order from Syfy for Stargate Universe came out before anyone could be told.  That must feel terrible!  David Blue tweeted the following:

Crap. Just heard the news as well. Apparently, nobody decided to tell us ahead of time. My rep heard it online. Seems they cancelled #SGU..

Stargate Universe cancelled, David Blue Tweet

Wow, and from subsequent tweets, I’m guessing there isn’t closure to the series.  Mr. Blue tweeted later that

Look out for the back half. Really proud of it. Shame, b/c where they leave Eli is frakkin’ cool. REALLY wanted to see where it went...”

Looking around, it seems other cast were also taken by surprise and informed via Twitter or what not what was up.  Oops.  Right now, all I say is that we can only hope that maybe, just maybe, if I’m not reading more into this than what I see, that the Syfy Channel might just make a nice two-hour movie to close out the series.  At this rate, the network is slowly dwindling down all the shows I enjoy there…  at some point I’m going to feel abandoned.

On the funny side of things, one of my website visitors, Michael, left this great comment on my previous post on the cancellation:

They should have formed wrestling teams on the Destiny and dressed in stupid costumes and hit each other with chairs and ladders and tables… then it woulda lasted!

Ha!  WWE Stargate!  That would have probably been quite the hit!

All joking aside, moving a sci fi series into the same time slot that wrestling previously held probably didn’t do it any favors for ratings, not to mention being up against Tuesday nights on the basic networks.  It already had quite the challenge with ratings from the taste of disappointment the first season left with Stargate fans…  with all that talking and such.  This latest season of Stargate Universe was picking up nicely and I had felt that the show was starting to hit its stride with a better mix of action and character plot.

source: David Blue Twitter account.

via: Spoiler TV.


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Badinfluence December 18, 2010 at 11:09 am

I was sad to hear about the cancellation of SGU. It was a great show, still is. Stargate Universe was different from the other two in the franchise, but to me, that made it even more interesting to watch. Yes in the beginning I missed the action a bit, I admit, but by the end of season 1 and throughout this season this show really grew. We already knew more about the characters so they didn’t have to focus that much on that aspect anymore and could focus more on what went on around them. It’s a real shame they never got a chance to evolve even more. I loved the cast and I will miss it.
Well Syfy is known for their stupid mistakes….so a surprise? no it really wasn’t.

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