Stargate Universe mid-season Finale on Syfy Channel, titled Resurgence [DVR Spoilers]

by on December 1, 2010

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The Destiny from Stargate Universe on Syfy

This is a recap and review of the mid-season finale of Stargate Universe on the Syfy Channel, titled “Resurgence,” should help the TV ratings hit some kind of resurgence.

The entire first half of season two of Stargate Universe has been building a new kind of energy in the show.  We’ve gone from watching the crew on the Destiny being helpless passengers besieged by a boarding party to now being in control of the ship.  It’s a shame the show has been relegated to Tuesday nights on the Syfy Channel.

Stargate Universe - Resurgence 02 - Robert Carlyle

Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle) learned how to take control of the ship, and kept it to himself as long as possible.  We learned Rush doesn’t trust that others will get the job done right but what can he do, the secret is out.

Stargate Universe - Alaina Huffman

Tamara (Alaina Huffman) lost her child and the ship or aliens helped her cope in a rather hallucinatory fashion.  I’m not sure which.

Stargate Universe - Resurgence 04 - David Blue

In other bits, Eli (David Blue) started to fall in love, but Gin was killed and Col Young (Louis Ferreira) had lost it for a bit, hitting a bit of despair. Rush tries to talk some sense into Eli in his own, blunt, special way.  It is like the crew of the Destiny have their own Simon Cowell on board!

We also learned that the ship can frak with your mind as it demonstrated that it was shutting down when Col Young hit his lowest ebb of depression.

The biggie earlier in this season was when it was discovered that the crew may have discovered something at the center of the universe that isn’t naturally occurring.

Oh, and Chloe (Elyse Levesque) seems to be turning into an alien.

Stargate Universe - the Stargate on Destiny

That’s some of the outlines of the season so far, and this week in the mid-season finale, “Resurgence,” the crew follows an energy signal to what looks like debris field of destroyed ships and Eli is not handling Gin’s death well.  Or, as we see, he’s distanced himself so far from his feelings that he’s not as despondent as he should be from her passing.  Folks are worried.

That field of debris turns out to be just that, debris from several ships that were attacked.  What the team doesn’t know is that the ships that attacked the ships were attack drones laying dormant until the arrival of the Destiny.

Stargate Universe - Resurgence 01 - Lou Diamond Phillips

As the drones ramp up and attack, succor comes from a source I was surprised by because I wrote him off, Col Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips)!

Remember when he was left behind with aliens on the seed ship?  He made friends and has been chasing down the Destiny.  He showed up in time and helped the Destiny escape.  But as Telford reunites with the crew, his new alien friends now need help dealing with the attack drones.

The new buddies trick the Destiny into an early battle with the drone master ship before they were ready.  I’m not really sure what the alien’s agenda is yet.

As the episode ends, Chloe tells Eli she can help and when Eli opens the door to tell her guard, she stomps the guard and walks off, circumventing locked doors by pulling hatch controls apart.  She’s definitely changed.  But yet, every time she’s interacted with the ship, she’s helped.

As the episode closes,

When Scott (Brian J. Smith) finds her at a command station of sorts, she says it’s too late, but then she blanks out not knowing what she did.

The Destiny is getting pounded,

They’ve been tricked and abandoned by Telford’s alien buddies and things look grim for the ship, the crew & maybe the show!?

This was one of the better episodes to date as the entire first half of the season built up to this.  There was some of that infamous conversation, bits of new humor as Eli suggests that the mystery signal could be a black obelisk orbiting a planet, quite a nice bit of drama building and it came down to a few bits of action.

Basically it seems this episode had a lot of what everyone seems to want.  If you missed it, catch a re-air or what not.  If you haven’t been watching, shame on you.  No faith.  I’m happy I’ve stuck it out.

When the show returns for the last ten episodes of season two, the titles are mysterious and give us little clue as to what to expect.

  • Deliverance  (Hmm…  this could hint that they are saved!)
  • Twin Destinies  (Something to do with the seed ship Telford flew in?)
  • Alliances (?)
  • Hope
  • Seizure
  • The Hunt
  • Common Descent
  • Epilogue
  • Blockade
  • Gauntlet

Your guesses are as good as mine.  We’ll find out when Stargate Universe returns for season 2.5 on the Syfy Channel.

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