Stargate Universe Season 2 Premieres Darkly, In September 2010

by on June 30, 2010

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The Stargate on the Destiny

Season 2 of Stargate Universe will be premiering on the Syfy Channel on September 28th, 2010.† That’s the good news for the fans.

If you were a fan of the dark aspect of Stargate Universe, you’re in luck. You might be in a bit of the minority, but you will be pleased.† According to the executive producers, the characters on the Destiny will be put through a ringer in season 2. As if being isolated from your home world wasn’t enough.

Everett (Louis Ferreira) will be going to a real dark place in the beginning of the season and his conflict with Rush (Robert Carlyle) will escalate yet again through season 2 of Stargate Universe.

The exec producers (Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper) explain that they’re looking for a more realistic tone and that we need to realize that our heroes won’t win every single time.† We’ll also be seeing the younger characters being forced to emerge as stronger characters while Rush and Young go at it.

I’m not sure if they were paying attention, (Maybe Cooper was) but when season 0.5 aired, Stargate franchise fans weren’t happy and rebelled. For a bit I thought the production studios heard the fans because things got a little bit more like a space odyssey. Characters abandoned, space battles and new threats were introduced in season … what ever you call the 2nd half of season 1.† (Gads, I hate that DVD marketing ploy so much)

The Destiny on Stargate Universe

The Destiny

They then introduced the invasion force that landed on the Destiny and I recognized that this was one way to introduce new characters to the playing field that aren’t connected to via the “communication stones,”

But if they’re really going to go darker with Stargate Universe, I think they’re making a terrible mistake headed that way.† At least as far as I can tell when it comes to the core fans of the franchise.

As I’ve said in my previous article about Robert Cooper leaving the Stargate franchise, I think the studios wanted to replicate the dark feeling that generated the success that Battlestar Galactica had, but seemed to flounder with that attempt, with this franchise.

I’ve personally distanced my past associations with the past Stargate franchise atmosphere and I’m enjoying the frustrating story line they’ve presented. If I were to try to equate this show the old Stargate, sure, I’d be pissed. But I’m enjoying the challenges presented to this terribly isolated character journey these trapped wayward passengers are on. Now if someone (Greer? Please!) would just deck both Rush and Camile Wray (Ming-Na) and just shut them up, things would go so much smoother as far as I’m concerned. Naw, I’m not caught up in the story!† [Digital Spy]

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DJShark May 17, 2011 at 9:50 am

“Thatís the good news for the fans.”
Thatís the good news for the HATERS.

[expletive removed] YOU NOOB SYFY

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