‘Stargate Universe’ Series Finale Review & A Fond Farewell

by on May 9, 2011

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'Stargate Universe' - the Stargate on Destiny

This is a review of the series finale of Stargate Universe…  and I take this moment to send out my appreciation and thanks to the creative forces behind the show, the series and the franchise.  [Spoilers for the DVR viewers planning on watching this at a date other than the original air-date.]

In this final episode of Stargate Universe, The Destiny’s path is blocked by the drone brigades and the crew has to come up a plan or suffer the consequences.  The first plan is to attenuate ship shields so they can drop out of FTL to get supplies, but the drones adapt.  Eli (David Blue) comes up with a plan to skip the galaxy they’re in and jump to the next one to get away from the drones, but it will take three years and the crew needs to be put on ice.  (Suspended animation)

'Stargate Universe' series finale review 04

Welcome to the Destiny. Please gather your bags and wounded and find your seats!

Dr Rush (Robert Carlyle) doesn’t like it because it’s skipping a galaxy that the ship could collect information from.  Yet if they stick around the drone brigade will take them down!

They choose to start putting crew members in the stasis pods but then discover some issues that need  repair.  Park (Jennifer Spence) comes up with an idea that helps them get the raw supplies they need to repair the stasis pod section.  It works with the sacrifice of one of the shuttles.

Crew start to make last visits to Earth, saying goodbyes or visiting favorite locations.  Most of the crew are in stasis and at their last dinner, Col Young (Louis Ferreira) makes quite the touching speech to the crew.  At the last moment, they discover that one pod is still broken.  This means that one person has to stay out.  Sacrifice themselves.

'Stargate Universe' series finale review 01

Rush decides it needs to be him, Young thinks it should be him, but Eli tells them that they know that he’s smarter than Rush and that he can stay out of the stasis tube and figure out the fix to the broken one in time, before the the ship runs out of the necessary power to maintain his own life support.

Before getting in his tube, Rush referred to Eli as “Mr. Wallace.”  Eli gets the respect he deserves.

The episode closes with Eli standing in the observation deck alone, watching the light show from the Destiny in it’s final FTL flight that these viewers will see.


'Stargate Universe' series finale review 07

I’m surprised that this episode ended so smoothly for what turned out to be its final episode.  The final episode of the entire Stargate franchise for the time being.  And there are no movies planned either.

I’m surprised the ending matched up to the series finale because the showrunners didn’t get the bad word about being canceled by Syfy channel and MGM until after they wrapped up filming for this season.  It’s almost creepy good timing.  Maybe they re-shot some material to make this the series finale that it was.

The Stargate fans that stuck it out after this version of Stargate came around, are pretty upset.  Every bulletin board and comment zone I’ve seen, including here on Cinema Static, are populated with upset fans voicing their anguish, in both well spoken and not so well spoken tomes of frustration.

'Stargate Universe' series finale review 07

Had the Syfy channel not ejected Stargate Universe from Friday nights and into the ill-fated early part of the week, would it have survived?  Who knows.  I know that when Caprica went away, the ratings from SGU took an ugly dive.  (Yes, ugly compared to the dive it took from being moved.)

It’s sad to see this episode close, and yet, it was the perfect closing as lights around the Destiny were shutting down, for one last time.  As if we watched the stage crew pulling the plug on each scene, each set, one last time. This episode also ended in such an open-ended fashion that it left it open for anyone who might want to take it over for future seasons, if Syfy doesn’t have a lock on the rights… though I suspect they do have the rights locked up, which makes an unfortunate situation.

If you come by Cinema Static here, you know that I feel any project’s success is the result of the team as a whole.  A team endeavor that stretches from the keyboard of the writers, to the actors bringing the paper to life and the directors who pull it all together and mash it into something we all end up loving.

I want to say thank you to Robert C. Cooper, Brad Wright, Joseph Mallozzi for the forty or so episodes of Stargate Universe and the many other episodes throughout the rest of the franchise.

Thanks to composer Joel Goldsmith for the SGU score.

Thanks to Andy Mikita, William Waring and the other directors.  I especially want to thank Robert Carlyle for making me hate Rush, thanks to Louis Ferreira for making Young the likable and stressed Col.  Thanks to Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, Alaina Huffman for being the great crew on the Destiny.  I especially send out thanks to Jamil Walker Smith for Master Sgt. Ronald Greer… Greer, who gets things done, as they should.  And for the one guy always seeming to look for ways to barbeque the local wildlife on the planets they visit.

I nary the time the mention everyone, but I do extend my thanks to everyone, even those who contributed for a mere single episode.  It’s an unspoken thanks.

For now, we never discovered what Destiny’s true mission was or what that mystery at the center of the universe was.  We’ll have to dream about those possibilities and be content that as individuals, we have some form of a good guess.

'Stargate Universe' series finale review 05

Is this the last time we'll see the Stargate open a wormhole?

I’m closing this Stargate Universe farewell article out with Col. Everett Young’s full toast that he gave at the table for their last meal:

“We’ve been through a helluva lot together, that’s for sure. It would be easy to dwell on everything that we have lost, but I think today I would rather think about what we still have and maybe what we have gained. We’re a family now, whether we like it or not: sons, daughters, sisters, even the slightly crazy uncle who, despite everything, still manages to come through for you in the end. You are the smartest, bravest, most compassionate people that I have ever had the honor to serve with. To family.”

With sadness, I close this article out as well.  We head through the Stargate, one last time…

'Stargate Universe' series finale review 06

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Bruce E. Simmons (BruSimm) August 23, 2011 at 11:22 am

Hey cary, the series does not end on a cliffhanger. It ends on an open note. That’s all.

And yes, showrunners always like to give fans hope… whether that hope is established or not is another matter.

cary August 23, 2011 at 10:57 am

I was late to the Stargate party. Just finished the SG-Atlantis series and find myself an ardent fan. I can’t stand cliffhangers where there’s no resolution, and may not watch the last two episodes of SG-Universe unless I know that can find one, having read enought to know that it’s a cliffhanger. You mentioned that Brad Wright commented that it might continue on in comic book form. Any word on that?

Bruce Simmons May 14, 2011 at 8:23 pm

Thanks for that confirmation BobSutan… I’m so bummed.

BobSutan May 14, 2011 at 8:17 pm

Joe Mallozi has already stated that MGM owns the rights and will not in all likelihood allow another production run. They’re going to mothball the franchise and eventually reboot it a la ST:TNG. One day, eventually, Stargate will be back. Sadly it’ll be in a whole different form with likely all new cast and crew.

Boris May 14, 2011 at 10:52 am

What’s so unfortunate is that it ended well before its prime. I have to say it was a slow first season after the fast paced beginning, but it definitely held its own in the end. I think they should at least do a movie on it, or maybe even be lucky enough to have another company pick it up. It seems anytime a good Science Fiction show shows up it’s quickly dismissed before it ever has a chance, and I feel Universe was vastly underrated overall.

Nicolas May 10, 2011 at 1:11 pm

I just watched the last episode.. and i realize.. i have to forget or not think anymore about SGU.. i loved the serie and screw it ended like this.. beautifull but too open! what happens when they come out? will they find what Rush was looking for? God? or will it unexpectetly lead to Earth? maybe they even stay 30 years in it or they will be awoken by the acients… well never know.. God bless the person who will continue Stargate Universe in the future!

the coon May 10, 2011 at 7:15 am

Very nicely reviewed. And what a great finale of the SG-U series. It almost felt as if the writers wrote this episode to symbolize the ‘hybernation’ of the series. The scene with Eli standing over the deck and watching the stars was perfect. I wish there was a season 3 and still hope that syfy would renew it in the future. To SG-U…

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