Starz Tests The Resistance Web Series on the Syfy Channel

by on September 18, 2010

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If you’ve ever heard of the web series called The Resistance, get ready for it to first premiere on the Syfy Channel. If you’re a fan of the web series and want to see it become a TV series, what you need to do is tell the world about this…

Starz is testing the waters for the web series The Resistance and airing it on the Syfy Channel on October 4th at 11 p.m.. (Yes, they’ve taken over a piece of the Ani-Monday time slot for this special occasion/test.)

Ratings alone won’t be the only gauge that the minds behind the networks will look at, but they’ll also be looking at the social, online buzz about the show to determine if they want to move forward to make a series for television or fund it as it is, on the web!

After the Syfy exposure, the series will start showing up on Xbox Live, Hulu and other avenues of exposure before it will eventually end up on YouTube.

If this preview is any indication of the quality of this project, it should be a pretty good show/series.

The Resistance is set in a world where brilliant chemist Syrus Primoris (Adrian Zaw) has taken control in the wake of a devastating virus that has killed 99% of the population. Only Primoris’ suppressant keeps the survivors from succumbing to the plague. One group opposes his regime and fights to find another cure. It also stars Katrina Law.


See more details over on A great spot for news on web based series.

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