Starz To Pay Tribute to Andy Whitfield & Andy’s Last Words Before Passing

by on September 18, 2011

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Andy WhitfieldAndy Whitfield lost his battle to non-Hodgkin Lymphoma recently. Fans of Andy Whitfield and his latest project, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, were very sad to receive this news.

Starz has shown a pleasantly abnormal amount of support for Andy Whitfield and fans are appreciating it.

For those who are able to subscribe to Starz, you’ll be pleased to know that Starz will be paying a short tribute to the man by airing five of his best episodes of Spartacus: Blood and Sand on October 2nd.

They will then be playing the entire season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand on December 16th, 2011.

After the break, a quote from the network and tribute video:

“The actor passed away on September 11th and is known internationally for shaping the breakout role of Spartacus, during the first season of the STARZ Original series “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.” He was chosen after a worldwide search to find the perfect Hollywood star to play the title role with passion and grace. His fans, friends, and colleagues alike have compared Whitefield’s own persona, to that of the noble, brave, honorable gladiator character he played on screen.”

Below is a very short tribute video from Starz…

[Starz press]

In a heart-tugging piece, that of all places, I found at Radar Online, they reported that during an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Andy Whitfield’s wife, Vashti Whitfield made note of Andy Whitfield’s last words to his children:

“I am going to go to sleep now as my body won’t work any more. I am like a butterfly with broken wings,” he told them. “I will always be with you and will always be watching over you. I love you.”

A moment please…

That is so sad and poignant.

In a weird sense of irony, I’d like to address how if Andy Whitfield had not landed this latest role of his as Spartacus, how lonely his passing would have been for him and his family.

Andy Whitfield, having landed the role of Spartacus on Starz, brought him not only into the limelight, but brought his entire family a world of support and care that they might not have known otherwise.

I feel or hope that this is more of a blessing for the family in this sad moment.


[ radaronline ]

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