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by on June 5, 2015

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Daredevil on Netflix

Up until today rumors were swirling about that Jason Statham was being pursued by Marvel to play Bullseye in the Netflix series Daredevil.

It was a very enticing Daredevil rumor that fans of the comic company and title were enjoying hearing. I personally thought Statham would have made a great Bullseye.

Nerd Reactor is reporting that the contractual talks between Marvel and Statham have died, all because of the news leak about Statham potentially playing Bullseye.

I’ve seen leaked news bits destroy plots, plans and entire movies in the past. And I hope the sites that break the news are happy about the small burst of traffic they get for the exclusive leak.

But then there are leaks, and then there are leaks.

Too many times we get “leaked” pics and rumors that are, by my guess, are part of the urban marketing by the studios. Then there are cool details some reporting entities discover and run with.

Most of the time the discovered tidbits are great news and free marketing for the studios. And then on the rare occassion, leaks can pretty much screw things up.

And I guess this time, this is one of those times.

Nerd Reactor writer was mirroring his source at Bloody Disgusting, noting that leaks can do damage. In this case, the leak gave Statham a market advantage with his fans, and then, that undue advantage in the negotiations with Marvel to play the character.

Thus, both parties were finding themselves in a pickle and they both lost negotiating leverage. Thus, the leak, it is presumed, was the source of this potentially cool development, coming to a close.

Once again, the “dirty underside” of the legal infrastructure behind the entertainment venues we love, takes its toll on the fans, before we even know about it.

This is truly a bummer for the fans. It would have opened up an entirely new sector of a fan base for Jason Statham while pulling his own cadre of fans into the world of Marvel. Plus I think, from having watched many of his films, he could have been the perfect fit for the character. Maybe we can hope that the two parties get back together secretly and work it out.

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