Stephen J. Cannell Passed Away

by on October 1, 2010

in Entertainment

Sad news in the entertainment industry tonight: Stephen J. Cannell has died in his home Thursday (9/30/10) in Pasadena, CA from complications from melanoma. He was 69.

Stephen J. Cannell brought some long lasting TV series to the tube over the years and was slated to produce the newest remake movie in the industry, 21 Jump Street.

He was a story editor on the 1972 series, Adam-12. He produced Toma back in 1974, or one of my favorites, Black Sheep Squadron starring Robert Conrad. There was Baretta (1978), The Rockford Files (1979), The Greatest American Hero (1983), Hunter (1985), The A-Team (1983), The Commish (1995) and the list just goes on… it’s incredible what he contributed as a producer to our television entertainment through the years.

Stephen J Cannell in Syfy Channels 2006 Ice Spiders

Or maybe you caught him in his last TV movie role appearance as Frank Stone on the Syfy Channel‘s in 2006 Ice Spiders!? Remember he ended up driving the bus around with the kids in it?

So many people have been entertained from his work that he has literally touched millions upon millions of people’s lives. Can you remember that signature sign-off logo at the end of his shows where he’d rip the paper from the typewriter and the piece of paper would fly at us on the screen to form his logo?

It’s a sad day indeed to see his passing away and our condolences and thoughts are with his family, friends and peers in this sad time.

A moment of silence, and there’s a wonderful article over on the LA Times for more reading. IMDb listing for Stephen J. Cannell.

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